Human Immunodeficiency type I

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  1. Established routs of transmission
    Blood; unprotect sexual intercourse; perinatal infection
  2. structure of the HIV virus
    spherical envelope (gp120/41); nucleocapsid (2 ss+RNA; RT; IN).
  3. Components of viral genome
    pol; env; gag; LTR
  4. What do each viral genome (pol; env; gag; LTR) encode
    pol-RT;IN; and protease. env-gp120/41. gag(nuceleocapsid; matrix pro). LTR (regulatory)
  5. Sequence of viral life cycle
    BRITA-B; Binding-reverse transcription-integration-trascripion/translation-assembly-budding
  6. surface receptors utilized by hiv
    CD4 CCR5 CXCR4
  7. three phases of infection; symptoms
    acute(viremia); latency (asymptomatic); symptomatic (viral load increase; CD4 T cell decline)
  8. AIDS symptoms
    lymphadonopathy; fever; infections; malignancies; wasting; dementia
  9. AIDS definning diseases (infectious)
    Kaposi's sarcoma; pneumocystics pneumonia; mycobacterium avium-intracellular complex; CMV disease
  10. Trojan theory
    macrophages serve as carriers to the brain; results in HIV associated dementia.
  11. mechanism of cell killing by HIV
    toxic DNA; budding damages cell permeability; syncytia formation; induction of apoptosis
  12. population based stratigies to reduce HIV transmission
    education about transmission; risks; blood screening; prevent accidental exposure
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