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  1. 1 john 3:10
    by this the children of god & the children of the devil are obvious; anyone who does not practice righteousness is not of god, nor the one who does not love his brother.
  2. david numbers the fighting men
    1 chronicles 21
  3. uzzah touches the ark
    1 chronicles 13
  4. athaliah's treason
    2 chronicles 22-23
  5. heavenly council
    job 1
  6. god speaks to job
    job 38-41
  7. why have you forsaken me?
    psalm 22
  8. psalm 103:1
    my soul praise yahweh! all that is w/in me praise his holy name!
  9. teach me to number my days
    psalm 90
  10. blessed unity
    psalm 133
  11. lady wisdom
    proverbs 8
  12. prince of peace
    isaiah 9
  13. psalm 139:13
    yahweh created our inward parts; he knit us together in our mothers womb.
  14. the deceitfully wicked heart
    jeremiah 17
  15. man standing in the gap
    ezekiel 22
  16. isaiah 65:17
    yahweh will create new heavens & a new earth; the former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind.
  17. yahweh nissi
    the lord is our banner.
  18. yahweh shalom
    the lord is our peace.
  19. psalm 104:33
    i will sing to the lord all my life; i will sing praise to my god as long as i live!
  20. the one they have pierced
    zechariah 12
  21. mt of olives to be split in 2
    zechariah 14
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