mkt 101 final 14-15

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  1. what statement concerning the value chain is not correct
    a valid delivery chain goal is for one channel member to win at another members expense
  2. a common characteristic of a value chain
    outsourcing activities to selected channel members
  3. which of the following is an aspect of distribution planning 
    customer transactions
  4. intermediary task of apportioning items to various consumer markets
  5. indirect channels of distribution are most frequently used by firms that
    want to increase sales volume
  6. channel distribution, width refers to 
    the number of independent members that are at any stage of distribution
  7. broadening its distribution channel enables a firm to 
    increase its market share
  8. with exclusive distribution, a firm
    seeks the best possible customer service by resellers
  9. logistics costs amount to what percent of the US GDP
  10. many retailers spend what percent of revenues on physical distribution activities
    under 5
  11. heavy, bulky items that are low in value and transported over long distances are usually carried by
  12. stock turnover is the balance between
    sales and inventory on hand
  13. which of these is an attribute of a high inventory turnover rate
    the chances of running out of stock are greater
  14. which of the following is not used in the calculation in a reorder point
    order style
  15. firms with stable inventory levels and long run plans to serve the same geographic area tend to use
    private warehousing
  16. high wholesale sales occur due to 
    items can be sold twice on the wholesale level
  17. which statement about the functions of the wholesalers is false
    they do not enable manufacturers to distribute locally unless those firms make consumer contacts
  18. without independent wholesalers, organizational consumers would have to 
    deal with a number of suppliers and coordinate shipments
  19. which statement about wholesalers is true
    wholesalers dislike it when vendors alter territory assignments
  20. the use of sales offices and/or branch offices is associated with what type of wholesaling
    manufacterur/service provider wholesalers
  21. channel control is maximized through which form of wholesaling
    manufacturer wholesaling
  22. the largest category of wholesalers in terms of sales is
    merchant wholesaler
  23. which of the following is not a full service merchant wholesaler
    mail-order wholesalers
  24. rack jobbers
    sell products on a consignment basis
  25. land o' lakes, ocean spray, sunkist and welch's are all 
    product-owned wholesale cooperatives
  26. the principal difference between agents and brokers is that
    brokers are very common in the food industry and agents are not
  27. which of these is not an advantage offered by agents and brokers
    they take title to goods
  28. commission merchants do not
    assist in merchandising and promotion
  29. which statement concerning food brokers is correct
    they often represent the seller
  30. when farm and garden machinery wholesalers begin to sell florists, hardware dealers, and garden supply stores, which recent trend in wholesaling is being demonstrated
    diversification of the markets served
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