Chem Vocab

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  1. Law:
    behavior of matter that is so consistent it has a universal validity
  2. Theory:
    explains why hypothesis, observations, or laws apply under different circumstances
  3. Hypothesis:
    a tentative explanation for the properties or behavior of matter
  4. Observation
    the analyzing of data to answer a question
  5. Physical Change
    process that changes the physical properties of a substance but not its chemical composition
  6. Chemical Change:
    process that converts one or more substances into new substances
  7. Element:
    substance that cannot be broken down into smaller substances
  8. Homogeneous Mixture:
    mixture with a uniform compositiona.     An example is salt and water
  9. 9. Heterogeneous Mixture:
    mixture with non-uniform compositiona.     An Example is salt and pepper
  10. Compound
    substance composed of 2 or more element
  11. .  Ionic Compound:
    consist of opposing charged cations and anion properties
  12. Acids:
    compound that releases hydrogen ions when dissolved in water or donates H+ to other substances
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