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  1. V1 - Takeoff Decision Speed
    The speed from which a decision to continue a takeoff with only one engine operating results in a takeoff distance that will not exceed the useable accelerate-go distance, or from which a decision to stop will result in a full stop within the useable accelerate-stop distance.
  2. Vef - Engine Failure Speed
    The speed at which an engine failure corresponds to recognition of that failure at V1.  The acceleration time from Vef to V1 is the engine failure recognition time.  Vef is one second prior to V1.
  3. Vr - Rotation Speed
    The speed at which rotation from the three-point attitude to the takeoff attitude is initiated.  Vr is one second prior to liftoff.
  4. Vmcg - Minimum Ground Control Speed
    The minimum speed (89 KIAS) during the takeoff run at which one engine may fail with the remaining engine operating at miximum power and directional control along the runway can be maintained using ailerons, rudder (forces not to exceed 180 lbs.), and nose wheel steering, while not deviating more that 25 feet from the runway centerline.
  5. V1mcg - Minimum V1 for Control on the Ground
    The minimum takeoff decision speed (V1) corresponding to an engine failure at Vmcg.
  6. Vmca - Minimum Air Control Speed
    The minimum airborne speed at which one engine may fail with the remaining engine operating at maximum power and directional control along a straight flight path can be maintained with full rudder control and not more than 75% of control wheel throw or up to 5° of bank.
  7. V2 - Takeoff Safety Speed
    The target speed to be attained at the 35 foot height assuming recognition of engine failure at V1.  Should an engine failure occur after passing V2 on takeoff, maintain the speed at the time of failure up to V2 + 10 knots.  A speed of V2 + 10 knots in the single-engine takeoff configuration will produce the maximum climb gradient available.
  8. V1/Vr - Takeoff Decision Speed Ratio
    The ratio of the takeoff decision speed (V1) to the rotation speed (Vr) where V1 is expressed as a percentage of Vr.  This is used to determine the takeoff decision speed for unbalanced field length conditions where the available accelerate-go and accelerate-stop distances are not equal for the given takeoff conditions.  V1 may vary from 75% Vr to 100% Vr.  For balanced field length conditions where accelerate-go and accelerate-stop distances are equal, V1 is approximately 98% Vr.
  9. Vfs - Final Takeoff Climb Speed
    The recommended single-engine climb speed in the clean configuration below 1,500 feet AGL with bank angle limited to 15°.
  10. Vse - Enroute Climb Speed
    The minimum recommended single-engine climb speed for best climb gradient in the clean configuration above 1,500 feet AGL.  This is the minimum speed at any altitude when bank angles greater than 15° are required.

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