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  1. Mongol Yoke
    Mongols invaded Russia and their rule caused it to develope into an autocracy.
  2. Name the peoples wo invaded Europe in the 9th and 10th centuries.
    Muslims and Vikings
  3. Western Europes first concerted attempt to stop the turks was...
    the crusades
  4. main principle of the magna carta
    king has limited power
  5. why did the 100 years war begin?
    Edward III of England had claim to the French throne. The French didn't want an English king so they made Chales IV king causing the war.
  6. Erasmus believed in what?
    That the Church was corrupt but its theology and legitimatcy were solid.
  7. Luther posted his 95 theses in what year?
  8. when did was the 30 years war?
  9. James I is remembered for the translation of what?
    the King James version of the Bible
  10. Under the rule of James I what did he do that angered the people of England
    He refused to meet with parliament
  11. The Spanish Armada  was defeated in?
    August 8, 1588
  12. What major events occurred under the rule of Oliver Cromwell?
    Invaded Ireland, persecuted non puritans, no christmas
  13. The first hanoverian monarch of England was
    George I
  14. Why was Paris so important to Henry IV
    If he became catholic he would be able to take France easily. "Paris is worth a mass"
  15. Who was the last of the Tudor rulers?
    Elizabeth I
  16. Adam Smith supported what ideals?
    Capitalism. wrote the Wealth of Nations
  17. According to John Locke, if there is evil in the world it is the result of ...
    Man's environment
  18. Maia Winkelmann
    Astronomer who discovered comets. Kicked out of university for being a woman who can think
  19. who tied together the Renaissance and early Baroque periods
  20. paintings from the Netherlands contained what aspects?
    Middle class, simplicity
  21. The artist Parmigianio's is an example of what period and what is a famous piece by him
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