Unit 4

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  1. meditation XVII
    john donne
  2. pionts out an unusual parallel between highly dissmilar elements
    metaphysical conciet
  3. author Ana- Mary Army gram
    george herbert
  4. author of antiphon
    george herbert
  5. one of the most important of the metaphysical peots
    george herbert
  6. was known for his saintly life and intense devotion to God
    george herbert
  7. author of the 23rd psalms
    george herbert
  8. love
    george herbert
  9. the pulley
    george herbert
  10. nitter sweet
    george herbert
  11. dicipline
    george herbert
  12. the collar
    george herbert
  13. the world
    henry vaughan
  14. peace
    henry vaughan
  15. Friends Departed
    henry vaughan
  16. wonder
    thomas traherne
  17. News
    rhomas treherne
  18. on christmas day
    thomas traherne
  19. An Epitaph upon Husband and Wife
    richared crashaw
  20. verse from the shepherds hymn
    richard crashaw
  21. now
    bishop thomas ken
  22. song of the mornign
    john milton
  23. on hhis blindness
    john milton
  24. paradice lost
    john milton
  25. what book atempt to justify God to men
    paradice lost
  26. what is satan magnificent captial building caslled in paradice lost
  27. on paradice lost
    andrew marvell
  28. what are the dates for the puritan age
  29. believed that christian should live a opure and holy life
  30. thought the leaders of the aglican church had not gone far enough in there reformation
  31. who wanted to be entirely separate from the aglican church
    puritans and aglican
  32. the group of sepretists who left in 1620 became known as
  33. those loyal to the king
  34. what were the puritans called that were lead by oliver cromwell
  35. system was instituted when oliver cromwell ruked
  36. the first english science academy
    the royal society
  37. possible the greatest scientist of all time and the discover of the law of gravity
    sir isaac Newton
  38. who devised the scientific method
    franisis bacon
  39. whi wrote the first English science book
    william gilbert
  40. who discover the circulation of blood in the body
    william harvy
  41. the father of modern chemistry
    robert boyle
  42. astronomer who predicted haleys commet
    edmund halley
  43. the first man ti see a liviing cell
    robert hooke
  44. the greatest peot of the time and the secind greatest writer in English Literature
    John Milton
  45. England greatest epic
    paradice lost
  46. the greatest prose writter of the age
    john bunyan
  47. England greatest allegort
    pilgram progress
  48. lyricists of aa lighter vein whoemphasized the pleasures of thids world and wrote lovr songs to or about women
    Cavalier poets
  49. were interested in things if the mind , the soul, and eternity
    metaphysical poets
  50. periodic dealt with varity of subject
  51. what decline play after shakespear and johnson
  52. author of shall i wasting in despair
    george wither
  53. author of the argument of his book
    robert herrick
  54. author of counsel ro girls
    robert herrick
  55. author of delight in disorder
    robert herrick
  56. author of how prayer for absolution
  57. author of to god, on his sickness
    rober herrick
  58. author of no coming to God without Christ
    robert herrick
  59. author of the white island or place of the blest
    robert herrick
  60. author of the constant lover
    sir john suckling
  61. author of to lucasta going to the wars
    richard lovelace
  62. author of to althea from prison
    richard lovelace
  63. author of go lovly rose
    edmund waller
  64. author of of the last verses in the book
    edmund waller
  65. a complet though exspressed in two ryhme lines
    rhymed couplet
  66. author of the anniversary
    john donne
  67. author of the bait
    john donne
  68. author of death be not proud
    jouhn donne
  69. exspressed in love death and riligeous thing
  70. best metaphysical poets
    john donne, goerge herbert, henery vaughan, thomas traherne
  71. author of a hyhn to God the Father
    john donne
  72. renunsiation
    john donne
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