Early Colonies

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  1. *settled in 1620
    *Separated from the Church of England for religious freedom
    *Mayflower Compact
    *Squanto and Samoset helped this colony
  2. *Ralph Lane
    *Sir Walter Raleigh
    *Sir Francis Drake brough some settlers back to England (because the colony FAILED)
    *John White sent to run colony
  3. *Settled in 1607
    *State of Virginia
    *Sent to find gold
    *John Smith was the leader
    *Women came to this colony later
    *First sign of Slavery
  4. Who was put in charge of Roanoke by Sir Walter Raleigh?
    Ralph Lane
  5. What colony was known as the "Lost Colony"?
  6. "Gentlemen"
    Wealthy men that did not want to or know how to work
  7. What was the Mayflower Compact?
    • It started laws that needed to be followed. 
    • Established a form of government.
    • It was only signed by men.
  8. Who was the English sea captain who stole gold from Spaniards and brought settlers back to England from Roanoke?
    Sir Francis Drake
  9. Who was the leader of Jamestown who said "if you shall not work, you shall not eat"?
    John Smith
  10. What is the name given to the people who disagreed with the Church of England and wanted to separate themselves?
  11. What is a joint-stock company?
    A group of businessmen that shared the cost of starting a colony.
  12. What was the name given to the group of men elected by the colonists to make laws for the company?
    House of Burgesses
  13. What is an indentured servant?
    A worker who worked for 5-7 years, then in return received land and supplies.
  14. What was the name of the joint stock company that sent settlers to Jamestown to find gold and other products for England?
    Virginia Company
  15. Croatoan
    An Indian tribe that helped the Roanoke colonists.  Their name was carved into a door post left in Roanoke.
  16. What is a Charter?
    Permission to settle in an area or start a new colony.
  17. Who received a charter  from Queen Elizabeth to start a new colony in the new world?
    Sir Walter Raleigh
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