Chinese Herbal Medicine 2A

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  1. Wind Cold Herbs
    Ma Huang, Gui Zhi, Zi Su Ye, Jing Jie, Fang Feng, Qiang Huo, Gao Ben, Bai Zhi, Xi Xin, Sheng Jiang, Cong Bai, Xiang Ru, Xin Yi, E Bu Shi
  2. Primary herb to treat excess Wind Cold

    Wind cold category
    Ma Huang
  3. Primary herb to treat Xu constitutions with a surface condition

    Gui Zhi
  4. Good for WC digestive problems, and restless fetus

    Zi Su Ye
  5. Used for both WC and WH
    Jing Jie
  6. #1 major surface relieving herb, important wind dispelling herb
    Fang Feng
  7. Treats pain associated with surface conditions
    Qiang Huo
  8. Headache associated with surface condition, and pain due to damp
    Gao Ben
  9. Treats facial Headache
    Bai Zhi
  10. One of the most pungent herbs, Treats both internal and external Cold
    Xi Xin
  11. Treats common cold with mucous and digestive problems
    Sheng Jiang
  12. Not used much, is a mild diaphoretic
    Cong Bai
  13. the "ma huang" of summer
    Xiang Ru
  14. Primary herb to treat sinus problems from cold or heat
    Xin Yi
  15. Used more for nasal problems
    E Bu Shi
  16. Wind Heat Herbs
    Bo He, Niu Bang Zi, Chan Tui, Sang Ye, Ju Hua, Ye Ju Hua, Man Jing Zi, Dan Dou Chi, Fu Ping, Ge Gen, Chai Hu, Sheng Ma
  17. Treats Wind Heat and Liver Qi Stagnation, Strong diaphoretic
    Bo He
  18. Treats sore throat, medium diaphoretic
    Niu Bang Zi
  19. Treats interior and exterior wind, and skin problems
    Chan Tui
  20. Dispel internal and external wind
    Sang Ye
  21. Treats eye problems and liver yang ascending
    Ju Hua
  22. Used to clear heat and toxins
    Ye Ju Hua
  23. Clear heat in the head
    Man Jing Zi
  24. Treats common cold with stuffy chest, treats WC and WH
    Dan Dou Chi
  25. One of the strongest pungent herbs to cool wind heat, and is a strong diaphoretic
    Fu Ping
  26. Treats neck and upper back ache, and both WC, and WH
    Ge Gen
  27. Treats Liver Qi Stasis
    Chai Hu
  28. Treats prolapsed organs and skin problems
    Sheng Ma
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