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  1. Camden Town Hall
    Argyle Street WC1
  2. Dominion Theatre Stage Door
    Bainbridge Street WC1
  3. My Hotel WC1
    Bayley Street WC1
  4. Saint Giles Hotel
    Bedford Avenue WC1
  5. Royal National Hotel
    Bedford Way WC1
  6. Russell Square Station
    Bernard Street WC1
  7. All Star Lanes WC1
    Bloomsbury Place/Victoria House WC1
  8. Victoria House WC1
    Bloomsbury Square WC1
  9. Bloomsbury Square
    Bloomsbury Way/Vernon Place WC1
  10. Foundling Hospital Museum
    40 Brunswick Square WC1
  11. School of Pharmacy
    29 Brunswick Square WC1
  12. Mortimer Market
    Capper Street WC1
  13. Commonwealth Hall
    Cartwright Gardens WC1
  14. Canterbury Hall
    Cartwright Gardens WC1
  15. Mentone Hotel
    54 Cartwright Gardens WC1
  16. George Hotel
    58 Cartwright Gardens WC1
  17. Drill Hall Theatre
    16 Chenies Street WC1
  18. Generator Hostel
    Compton Place WC1
  19. Holiday Inn Bloomsbury
    Coram Street WC1
  20. Argyle Square
    Crestfield Street WC1
  21. Dickens House Museum
    48 Doughty Street WC1
  22. Place Theatre
    17 Dukes Road WC1
  23. Folio Society
    44 Eagle Street WC1
  24. Bountiful Cow Bar
    51 Eagle Street WC1
  25. Serious Fraud Office
    Elm Street WC1
  26. Euston Flyer PH
    Euston Road WC1
  27. University College Hospital
    Euston Road/Beaumont Place/Grafton Way WC1
  28. Gordon Square
    Gordon Street WC1
  29. Bloomsbury Theatre
    15 Gordon Street WC1
  30. Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
    62 Gower Street WC1
  31. Institute of Measurement & Control
    87 Gower Street WC1
  32. Granville Square WC1
    Granville Street WC1
  33. Terrence Higgins Trust
    314 Grays Inn Road WC1
  34. Travelodge Kings Cross Hotel
    Grays Inn Road WC1
  35. Royal National Throat Nose & Ear Hospital
    Grays Inn Road WC1
  36. London Welsh Centre
    157 Grays Inn Road WC1
  37. ITN House
    200 Grays Inn Road WC1
  38. National Union of Journalists
    314 Grays Inn Road WC1
  39. Water Rats Theatre
    328 Grays Inn Road WC1
  40. Eastman Dental Hospital
    256 Grays Inn Road WC1
  41. Hospital for Sick Children
    Great Ormond Street WC1
  42. Kenilworth Hotel
    97 Great Russell Street WC1
  43. Congress House WC1
    23 Great Russell Street WC1
  44. British Museum
    Great Russell Street WC1
  45. Barbados High Commission
    1 Great Russell Street WC1
  46. YMCA Central
    16 Great Russell Street WC1
  47. TUC - Trades Union Congress
    23 Great Russell Street WC1
  48. Institute of Child Health
    Guilford Street WC1
  49. President Hotel
    52 Guilford Street WC1
  50. Celtic Hotel
    62 Guilford Street WC1
  51. Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel
    252 High Holborn WC1
  52. Shanghai Blues Bar
    193-197 High Holborn WC1
  53. Arab Press House
    184 High Holborn WC1
  54. Cuba Embassy
    167 High Holborn WC1
  55. Chancery Lane Station
    High Holborn WC1
  56. My Old Dutch Rerstaurant WC1
    131 High Holborn WC1
  57. Brown Sugar
    146 High Holborn WC1
  58. Brunswick Square
    Hunter Street/Lansdowne Terrace WC1
  59. Royal National Institute for the Blind
    19-23 Judd Street WC1
  60. Holiday Inn Kings Cross Bloomsbury
    1 Kings Cross Road WC1
  61. Holborn Police Station
    Lambs Conduit Street WC1
  62. Smithys Wine Bar
    Leeke Street WC1
  63. Unison
    1 Mabledon Place WC1
  64. National Union of Teachers
    Mabledon Place WC1
  65. Birkbeck College
    Malet Street WC1
  66. Senate House WC1
    Malet Street WC1
  67. Cartwright Gardens
    Marchmont Street/Mabledon Place WC1
  68. Church of England Childrens Society
    91-93 Margery Street WC1
  69. Mecklenburgh Square
    Mecklenburgh Place WC1
  70. King Edward VII Gallery
    Montague Place WC1
  71. Montague on the gardens Hotel
    Montague Street WC1
  72. Hospital for Tropical Diseases Travel Clinic
    Mortimer Market WC1
  73. James Smith & Sons Umbrellas
    53 New Oxford Street WC1
  74. Centre Point
    New Oxford Street/Andrew Borde Street WC1
  75. October Gallery
    Old Gloucester Street WC1
  76. Holborn Grange Hotel
    Old Gloucester Street WC1
  77. Queen Square
    Old Gloucester Street/Boswell Street WC1
  78. Peel Centre
    Percy Circus WC1
  79. Square Pig & S'wine Bar
    30-32 Procter Street WC1
  80. Mary Ward Centre
    42 Queen Square WC1
  81. Royal Homeopathic Hospital
    Queen Square WC1
  82. National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery
    Queen Square WC1
  83. Great Ormond Street
    Queen Square/Millman Street WC1
  84. Conway Hall
    Red Lion Square WC1
  85. Royal College of Anaesthetists
    35 Red Lion Square/Churchill House WC1
  86. Library Association
    7 Ridgemount Street WC1
  87. Imperial Hotel
    61 Russell Square WC1
  88. Comfort Inn Kings Cross Hotel
    2 Saint Chads Street WC1
  89. Angels & Bermans WC1
    119 Shaftesbury Avenue WC1
  90. Regent Square WC1
    Sidmouth Street WC1
  91. Building Centre
    South Crescent/Store Street WC1
  92. Bedford Hotel WC1
    83 Southampton Row WC1
  93. Camden Chinese Community Centre
    9 Tavistock Place WC1
  94. Tavistock Hotel
    Tavistock Square WC1
  95. British Medical Association
    Tavistock Square WC1
  96. Cochrane Theatre
    Theobalds Road WC1
  97. Transport House
    128 Theobalds Road WC1
  98. Heals WC1
    Tottenham Court Road WC1
  99. Rayne Building
    5 University Street WC1
  100. Percy Circus
    Vernon Rise/Great Percy Street WC1
  101. Russell Square
    Woburn Place/Southampton Row WC1
  102. Wilmington Square
    Yardley Street/Tysoe Street WC1
  103. Bloomsbury Hotel
    16-22 Great Russell Street WC1
  104. Hilton Hotel Euston
    17-18 Upper Woborn Place WC1
  105. Charing Cross Police Station
    Agar Street WC2
  106. India High Commission
    Aldwych WC2
  107. Bush House
    Aldwych WC2
  108. Ivor Novello Theatre
    Aldwych WC2
  109. Hilton Hotel Waldorf
    Aldwych WC2
  110. Aldwych Theatre
    Aldwych WC2
  111. No 1 Aldwych Hotel
    Aldwych WC2
  112. Axis Restaurant
    Aldwych/Aldwych Hotel WC2
  113. Zoo Bar WC2
    Bear Street WC2
  114. Lady Magazine
    39-40 Bedford Street WC2
  115. King Street WC2
    Bedford Street/Garrick Street WC2
  116. Actors Church/Saint Pauls Church
    Bedford Street/Inigo Place WC2
  117. Maiden Lane WC2
    Bedford Street/Southampton Street WC2
  118. Poetry Society
    22 Betterton Street WC2
  119. Royal Opera House
    Bow Street WC2
  120. Fielding Hotel
    4 Broad Court WC2
  121. Palace Theatre
    Cambridge Circus WC2
  122. Food & Drink Federation
    6 Catherine Street WC2
  123. Theatre Royal Drury Lane
    Catherine Street WC2
  124. Duchess Theatre
    Catherine Street WC2
  125. Six Clerks Restaurant at The Law Society
    113 Chancery Lane WC2
  126. Law Society
    113 Chancery Lane WC2
  127. Garrick Theatre
    157 Charing Cross Road WC2
  128. Astoria Theatre
    Charing Cross Road WC2
  129. Foyles Bookshop
    Charing Cross Road WC2
  130. London Transport Museum
    Covent Gdn Piazza SD Russell Street WC2
  131. Tin Pan Alley Bar
    Denmark Street WC2
  132. Sarastro Restaurant
    126 Drury Lane WC2
  133. Belgo Central
    50 Earlham Street WC2
  134. Donmar Warehouse
    41 Earlham Street WC2
  135. Embankment Station
    Embankment Place/Embankment WC2
  136. Swiss Church
    Endell Street WC2
  137. Edgar Wallace PH
    Essex Street WC2
  138. Joe Allen Restaurant
    13 Exeter Street WC2
  139. Sanctuary Fitness Club
    12 Floral Street WC2
  140. Royal Ballet School
    46 Floral Street WC2
  141. Garrick Club
    15 Garrick Street WC2
  142. Whetstone Park
    Gate Street WC2
  143. Shaftesbury Theatre Stage Door
    Grape Street WC2
  144. Photographers Gallery
    Great Newport Street WC2
  145. Arts Theatre Club WC2
    6 Great Newport Street WC2
  146. Sway Restaurant
    61-65 Great Queen Street WC2
  147. Freemasons Hall
    Great Queen Street WC2
  148. Kingsway Hall Hotel
    Great Queen Street WC2
  149. Orange Street
    Haymarket/Charing Cross Road WC2
  150. Porters Bar & Restaurant
    Henrietta Street WC2
  151. Oasis Leisure Centre
    High Holborn WC2
  152. Police Complaints Authority
    90 High Holborn WC2
  153. London School of Economics
    Houghton Street WC2
  154. Heaven Club
    Hungerford Lane/Villiers Street WC2
  155. Adelphi
    1 John Adam Street WC2
  156. Royal Society of Art
    John Adam Street WC2
  157. Africa Centre
    38 King Street WC2
  158. Holborn Station
    Kingsway WC2
  159. Africa House
    64 Kingsway WC2
  160. Civil Aviation Authority
    45-49 Kingsway/Kemble Street WC2
  161. Pineapple Studios WC2
    7 Langley Street WC2
  162. Prince Charles Cinema
    Leicester Place WC2
  163. Radisson Edwardian Hampshire Hotel
    48 Leicester Square WC2
  164. Capital Radio
    29 Leicester Square WC2
  165. Sir John Soanes Museum
    13 Lincolns Inn Fields WC2
  166. Hunterian Museum
    35 Lincolns Inn Fields WC2
  167. Royal College of Surgeons
    35-43 Lincolns Inn Fields WC2
  168. Covent Garden Station
    Long Acre WC2
  169. Stanfords Map Shop
    12-14 Long Acre/Floral Street WC2
  170. Maple Leaf PH
    41 Maiden Lane WC2
  171. Rules Restaurant
    35 Maiden Lane WC2
  172. Jewel Bar WC2
    Maiden Lane WC2
  173. Covent Garden Hotel
    Monmouth Street WC2
  174. Dial Restaurant
    Monmouth Street WC2
  175. Mon Plaisir Restaurant
    19-21 Monmouth Street WC2
  176. Mountbatten Hotel (MERCER ST HOTEL)
    Monmouth Street WC2
  177. Playhouse Theatre
    Northumberland Avenue WC2
  178. Sherlock Holmes PH
    10 Northumberland Street WC2
  179. Association of Teachers & Lecturers
    7 Northumberland Street WC2
  180. Comedy Theatre (THE HAROLD PINTER)
    Panton Street WC2
  181. New London Theatre
    Parker Street WC2
  182. Phoenix Theatre
    Phoenix Street WC2
  183. Peacock Theatre
    Portugal Street WC2
  184. Shaftesbury Theatre
    Princes Circus/High Holborn WC2
  185. Chartered Institute of Public Finance &Accountancy/CIPFA 3
    Robert Street WC2
  186. Sheekeys Restaurant
    Saint Martins Court WC2
  187. London Coliseum
    Saint Martins Lane WC2
  188. Noel Coward Theatre
    Saint Martins Lane WC2
  189. Duke of Yorks Theatre
    Saint Martins Lane WC2
  190. Saint Martins Lane Hotel
    45 Saint Martins Lane WC2
  191. English National Opera
    Saint Martins Lane/Coliseum Theatre WC2
  192. Asia De Cuba Restaurant
    45 Saint Martins Lane/Saint Martins Lane Hotel WC2
  193. National Portrait Gallery
    Saint Martins Place WC2
  194. Trafalgar Square
    Saint Martins Place WC2
  195. Mouse Trap
    Saint Martins Theatre West Street WC2
  196. Savoy Theatre
    Savoy Court WC2
  197. Savoy Hotel
    Savoy Court WC2
  198. Queens Chapel of the Savoy
    Savoy Hill WC2
  199. Institute of Electrical Engineers
    Savoy Place WC2
  200. Lincolns Inn Fields
    Serle Street/Remnant Street WC2
  201. Cambridge Theatre
    Seven Dials WC2
  202. Incognico Restaurant
    117 Shaftesbury Avenue WC2
  203. London Silver Vaults
    Southampton Buildings WC2
  204. London Silver Vaults
    Southampton Buildings WC2
  205. Roman Bath
    Strand Lane/Surrey Street WC2
  206. Clements Inn
    Strand WC2
  207. Charing Cross Station
    Strand WC2
  208. Stanley Gibbons Shop
    399 Strand WC2
  209. Strand Continental Hotel
    143 Strand WC2
  210. India Club
    143 Strand WC2
  211. Somerset House
    152 Strand WC2
  212. Adelphi Theatre
    Strand WC2
  213. Vaudeville Theatre
    404 Strand WC2
  214. Essex Street
    Strand WC2
  215. Australia House
    Strand WC2
  216. Bomber Harris Memorial
    Strand WC2
  217. Royal Courts of Justice
    Strand WC2
  218. Courtauld Gallery
    152 Strand WC2
  219. Shell Mex House
    82 Strand WC2
  220. Zimbabwe High Commission
    429 Strand/Agar Street WC2
  221. Strand Palace Hotel
    372 Strand/Exeter Street WC2
  222. RAF Church
    Strand/Saint Clement Danes WC2
  223. Globe House WC2
    Temple Place WC2
  224. Temple Station
    Temple Place WC2
  225. British American Tobacco
    Temple Place WC2
  226. Swiss Howard Hotel
    12 Temple Place WC2
  227. Tristan Bates Theatre
    Tower Street WC2
  228. Stringfellows
    16 Upper Saint Martins Lane WC2
  229. Equity (British Actors Equity Associaton)
    5 Upper Saint Martins Lane/Guild House WC2
  230. HQS Wellington
    Victoria Embankment WC2
  231. Cleopatras Needle
    Victoria Embankment WC2
  232. Master Mariners Hall
    Victoria Embankment/HQS Wellington WC2
  233. Royal Adelphi Hotel
    Villiers Street WC2
  234. Players Theatre
    Villiers Street WC2
  235. Christophers Restaurant
    18 Wellington Street WC2
  236. Lyceum Theatre
    Wellington Street WC2
  237. Lion King
    Wellington Street/Lyceum Theatre WC2
  238. Ivy Restaurant
    1 West Street WC2
  239. Saint Martins Theatre
    West Street WC2
  240. New Ambassadors Theatre
    West Street WC2
  241. Thistle Trafalgar Square Hotel
    Whitcomb Street WC2
  242. Thistle Piccadilly Hotel
    Whitcomb Street WC2
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