General Science Module 7

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  1. Fossil
    The preserved remains of a once-living organism
  2. Petrifaction
    The conversion of organic material into rock
  3. Resin
    A thick, slowly flowing liquid produced by plants that can harden into a solid
  4. Extinct
    A term applied to a species that was once living but now is not
  5. Carbonization
    The process that forms a detailed "drawing" of a creature in stone
  6. Fossil Record
    The sum total of all discovered fossils
  7. Which comes first, a cast or a mold?
    A mold
  8. What usually happens when an organism dies?
    It decomposes
  9. What is needed for petrifaction?
    Water with minerals in it
  10. Most fossils are fossils of what?
    Hard-shelled organisms, like clams
  11. About how many creatures have gone extinct since the last 400 years?
  12. What important assumption does uniformitarianism make?
    The present is the key to the past
  13. What imprtant assumption does catastrophistism make?
    The processes that formed most of the earth will not be repeated
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