World History

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  1. Domestication
    taming animals and adapting crops for human use
  2. Otzi
    Iceman found in O. Alps
  3. Bronze Age
    after stone age: people began to make items from Bronze
  4. Catal Huyuk
    Neolithic village located present Turkey
  5. Australopithecus
    early human-like being or hominid
  6. Cyrus the Great
    king of Persia and founder of the Persian empire
  7. Saul
    first king of Israel
  8. Torah
    5 books of Hebrew Bible
  9. Polytheism
    belief in many gods
  10. Menes
    1st pharoh of Egypt: credited for Upper and Lower Egypt, said founded Memphis (capitol of Egypt)
  11. Papyrus
    paper-like material made from sterm of reedy papyrus plant
  12. Ramses II
    led army to confront Hittites
  13. Rosetta Stone
    Stone that contained carved messages in hieroglyphics, Greek and demotic. Led to deciphering of hieroglyphics.
  14. Re
    Sun god
  15. Monsoons
    seasonal winds in India
  16. Dharma
    religious moral duties of individual (Hinduism)
  17. Moksha
    (Hinduism) escape from cycle of rebirth
  18. Iroquois League
    Joint Mohawk, Sennaca Government
  19. Brahman
    eternal being that created world (Hinduism)
  20. Theravada
    teaches best way to obtain Nirvanna to be monk or nun
  21. Aristotle
    Greek philosopher. Student of Plato. Logic was tool for any necessary inquiry. work became basis of medival scholasticism
  22. Socratic Method
    using logic to solve problems
  23. Delian League
    dozen of Greek city-states banned together to protect each other
  24. Stoics
    show no emotion
  25. Polis
    city-state of ancient Greece
  26. Octavian
    governed half of Rome with Antony
  27. Paul of Tarsus
    attracted non-Jews to Christianity
  28. What are objects used by eary people?
  29. Two earyly groups of Homo sapiens
    Neanderthals; Cro-magnons
  30. Define trade
    buying and selling goods
  31. Area between Tigirs and Eupharates rivers
  32. Who created world's first empire?
    Sargon I
  33. What did the Phoenicians do very well?
  34. What happened during the Exodus?
    Moses led Israelites out of Egypt
  35. Best soldiers in the Persian Army
    Darius I & Cyrus the Great
  36. How did the desert help Egypt?
    difficult to cross-->dicouraged invasions
  37. Egyptian form of writing
  38. Vedas
    sacred text of Aryan society & history
  39. something...something...something...
    building a SURPLUS!
  40. made them.....
    expert sailors
  41. heart of Persian army
    10,000 immortals
  42. Which religion practices yoga?
  43. 2 ways Buddhism spread through India
    trade & missionary work
  44. first Greeks
  45. War that Athens surrendered to Sparta?
  46. Trinunes
    protect plebians against unjust patrician treatment
  47. Language in Rome
  48. Pax Romana era
  49. Mayans keep records?
  50. Center of Aztec Empire
  51. Capital ciry of Incan Empire
  52. Built cliff dwellings
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