Chapter 14

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  1. Early Intervention
    Comprehensive system of therapies, educational, nutritional, child care, and family supports, all designed to reduce the effects of disabilities or prevent the occurrence of learning and developmental problems
  2. IDEA for Early Intervention
    Mandates early intervention services for any child under 3 years of age who has developmental delays (birth to 3 years old) or established risk condition
  3. Developmental Delay
    significant delay or atypical pattern of development that make children eligible for early intervention
  4. Established risk conditions
    Diagnosed phyiscal or medical conditions that almost always result in developmental delay or disability
  5. BIological risk conditions
    pediatric history of current biological conditions that result in a greater han usual probability of developmental delay
  6. Environmental risk conditions
    extreme poverty, prenatal substance abuse, homelessness, abuse or neglect and parental intellectual impairment which are associated with higher than normal probability of developmental delay
  7. National Lekotek Center
    • believes that children learn best through playing
    • non profit organization that is dedicated to making play possible for children with disabilities and those living in poverty
  8. IFSP - Individualized Family Services Plan
    • addresses the needs of the child and family and is developed by a multidisciplinary team
    • evaluated once a year and reviewed at 6-month intervals
  9. Goals and Objectives of IFSP/IEP
    • Functionality
    • Generality
    • Instructional Contest
    • Measurability
    • Hierarchal relation between long-range goals and short-term objectives
  10. Instructional Contest
    Skill can be easily integrated into child's daily routines and taught in a way that represent naturalistic use of the skill
  11. Measurability
    Can see, hear, or feel the skill
  12. Hieararchical relation between long-range goals and short-terms objectives
    Achievement of short-term goals linked directly to the attainment of long-term goals.
  13. Apgar scale
    heart rate, respiratory effort, response to Catherter stimulation, muscle tone, color
  14. Newborn Blood Test Screening
    Blood test taken 24-48 hours of birth to prevent against diseases that can lead to physical, health, sensory, developmental delays
  15. Developmental Screening Test
    determines overall development in gross motor, fine motor, adaptive language and personal-social
  16. Developmental Domains
    • Motor development
    • Cognitive development
    • communication/language
    • social/emotional
    • adaptive development
  17. Developmentally Appropriate Practove (DAP)
    A philosophy and guidelines for basing teaching on what is typically expected of children of different ages and developmental stages
  18. Early Intervention environments
    • hospital-based
    • home-based
    • center-based
    • combined home center programs
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