Chapter 15

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  1. Transition Services
    process involving the coordination, delivery, and transfer of services from school to post-school agencies
  2. Purpose of transition services
    focus the IEP team on secondary curriculum related to post-school success
  3. Transition planning begins
    at age 14, reviewed annually
  4. Individualized Transition PLan
    • details the curricular programming and other supports that will prepare the student for a smooth and successful transition to adult life
    • required at age 16
  5. ITP includes
    • employment
    • adult living objectives
    • daily living skills
    • functional vocational evaluation
  6. Adult living objectives
    Leading towards adult activities done occasionally, such as registering to vote, filing fo insurance or accessing adult services including, but not limited to social security
  7. Functional Vocational Evaluation
    An assessment process that provides information about job or career interests, aptitudes and skills. Information may be gathered through situational assessment, observations or formal measures and should be practical
  8. Elementary students career education
    sample different types of classroom responsibilities
  9. Middle school students career education
    spend time at actual community job sites
  10. High school students career education
    • functions in an integrated setting with non-disabled co-workers
    • earns at or above minimum wage
  11. Supported Employment
    • earn real wages for real work
    • need intensive support to obtain, learan and keep a job
  12. Small business enterprise
    takes advantage of existing commercial opportunities within a community
  13. Mobile work crew
    small group of supported employees organized around a small single purpose business
  14. Enclave
    small group of people with disabilities perform work with special training or jobs supports within a typical business or industry
  15. Individual placement
    • placing employees in jobs they want
    • Developing jobs with employers in the community
  16. Job Coach
    • community based professional who works for a secondary special education program to assure supported employment functions well for clients
    • gradually reduces the time spent with training and support
  17. Naturalistic cues
    use of naturally occurring signal on what to do next
  18. Self monitoring
    observing and recording one's performance
  19. Self Evaluation
    comparing self monitored performance with a goal or production criteria
  20. Prime Manufacturing
    designing, producing, marketing, and shipping of a complete product
  21. Reclamation
    purchases salvageable materials then sells the reclaimed product
  22. Group homes 
    provide a gamily style living for a small group of individuals
  23. Foster homes
    as part of a family unit, the adult with disabilities also has more opportunities to interact with and be accepted by the ecommunity at large
  24. Apartment cluster
    apartments with individuals with disabilities near an apartment with a person without disabilities who can monitor
  25. co-residence apartment
    individuals with disabilities live in the same complex as residents without disabilities
  26. Maximum independence apartment
    individuals have skills to live on their own 
  27. Supported living
    helping people with disabilities live in the community as independently and normally as they possibly can.
  28. Structured facility
    group home or other residence that gives resident help/assistance
  29. Handicapism
    discrimnatory treatment and biased reactions toward someone with a disability
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