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  1. Precious Privilege
    One of the most precious privileges we enjoy is talking to our heavenly Father in prayer
  2. Persevere
    God’s Word urges us to “persevere in prayer” (Ro 12:12)
  3. Jesus' example
    Jesus always looked to his Father in heaven for wisdom and strength, and he sought out quiet places to meditate and commune with Jehovah (Mr 1:35)
  4. Never casual
    • Jesus  did not treat prayer in a casual way, and he was
    • never too busy to pray
  5. Imitate Christ
    In imitation of Christ, elders strive to be men of prayer
  6. Prayer is good for us
    As a loving Father, Jehovah wants us to talk to him regularly because it is good for us
  7. Build trust
    Through prayer, we build our trust in Jehovah, and we develop deep affection for him
  8. Draw Close to Jehovah
    Jehovah will draw closer to us the more we learn to rely on him (Jas 4:8)
  9. God's power
    Paul said: “When I am weak, then I am powerful” (2Co 12:10) He meant that the power of God can make up for our human weaknesses, provided we turn to Jehovah for strength (Php 4:13)
  10. Rely on Jehovah
    To have confidence like that of Paul, elders must appreciate the importance of ‘praying incessantly’—relying wholly on Jehovah for his strength to accomplish the work he has given us to do (1Th 5:17)
  11. Part of our worship
    Since prayer is part of our worship, spiritual men must make time to pray
  12. Worth the effort
    Setting aside some private time each day for personal prayer might be challenging but is well worth the effort
  13. Prayer is healthful
    Prayer is healthful in that it enriches the mind and fortifies the eart; it enables us to receive “power beyond what is normal” (2Co 4:7)
  14. Avoid self-deception
    Through prayer, we can ask Jehovah for help to analyze our motives and guard against self-deception; this will help us to see our heart as he sees it (1Sa 16:7; Pr 17:3)
  15. Be honest with yourself
    When alone with Jehovah in prayer, we can take an honest look at ourselves and see the type of person we truly are inside (Ps 139:1-4; Heb 4:13)
  16. Our dependence on Jehovah
    In prayer, we acknowledge our dependence on God for everything; humility is developed, and confidence and trust in Jehovah’s arrangement for salvation are nurtured
  17. Prayer creates the right climate
    Not only does prayer build appreciation for what is good and right but it also creates the right climate in which these qualities grow
  18. Prayer exposes wrong desires
    Prayer exposes wrong desires before they have time to become solidly entrenched
  19. Help to do difficult things
    The right things to do are often the most difficult, but prayer will give us the strength to do them
  20. Prepare prayers
    In view of the importance of prayer, ask yourself: ‘Do I take time to prepare my prayers?’ (Ps 141:2)
  21. Jehovah finds pleasure in our prayers
    Jehovah does not just tolerate our prayers but finds pleasure in them
  22. Pour out your heart
    Cold, mechanical prayer is of little value; rather, “pour out your heart” to God (Ps 62:8)
  23. Increase the length of private prayers
    Friendship grows as we talk with others at length; therefore, why not work on increasing the length of your private prayers to Jehovah
  24. Intense, earnest supplications
    Supplications to God should be part of an elder’s spiritual routine; such prayers are especially intense and earnest
  25. Do not be overwhelmed
    Do I find myself so overwhelmed by circumstances that I overlook the need to pray?
  26. Quality of prayer
    Are my prayers similar to a short post card that I would send to an acquaintance out of duty, or are my prayers like a long letter that I would send to a close friend?
  27. Elders should be men of prayer
    Since there is an ever-present danger of becoming a forgetter of prayer, elders should, in spite of busy schedules, make it their aim to be men of prayer
  28. Do not bring us into temptation
    Elders take seriously Jesus’ words found at Luke 11:4: “Do not bring us into temptation”
  29. Keep on the watch and pray continually
    • Jesus told his disciples: “Keep on the watch and pray continually, that you may not enter into temptation” (Mt 26:41) 
    • Unprepared, the disciples entered into temptation (Mt 26:45)
  30. Resist temptations
    With the help of prayer, we can resist temptations of the sinful flesh. Ask Jehovah not to allow us to succumb when tempted or pressured to disobey him
  31. Why we need prayer
    Revelation 3:10 reminds us that we are living in “the hour of test;” pressures from human sources and from invisible demon sources have become intense
  32. Talk to Jehovah
    It is beneficial to talk to Jehovah when you are confronted with problems. Be specific about what the problem is and why you need his help on this matter

    Speak with him on what you have done to try to solve it; this will help you to see if you can do more

    • Holy spirit may help you better understand the scriptures that you are considering and bring to mind those you may have
    • overlooked
  33. Stop and think when making decisions
    Prayer helps you to stop and think when making decisions

    Remember, Jesus spent the whole night in prayer before choosing the apostles (Lu 6:12, 13)
  34. Prayer to avoid partiality
    If we are about to make recommendations or to approve appointments, prayer can aid us in seeing that our selections are not tainted with personal favoritism or partiality
  35. Prayer leads to better decisions
    Fewer mistakes would be made if men in positions of responsibility would spend more time with Jehovah in prayer before reaching their conclusions
  36. Pray about congregation matters
    As we make congregation matters a subject of prayer, it shows our earnest desire to render judgment with righteousness (Jer 11:20)
  37. Let God's will take place
    Daily you face decisions that affect you, your family, your brothers, and your relationship with God.

    It is appropriate to seek Jehovah’s direction, asking that ‘God’s will take place’ (Mt 6:10; 26:42)
  38. Pray during tests of faith
    When confronted with situations that put our faith to the test, we should never be too busy to pray
  39. A daily habit
    Elders want to make it a daily habit to turn to Jehovah in prayer
  40. Every form, on every occasion
    This includes “every form” (confession of our sins, petition for forgiveness, request for guidance, thanksgiving for blessings, praises from the heart) and “on every occasion” (publicly, privately, personally, spontaneously)
  41. Intimacy with Jehovah
    In praying daily, we gain an intimacy with Jehovah (Ps 25:14; g90 5/8 19)
  42. Value of intercessory prayer
    Elders must not forget to pray in behalf of others, for God’s Word stresses the power of intercessory prayer (Jas 5:16)
  43. Don't let prayers become routine
    May we never allow our prayers to deteriorate into mere routine or formality.

    Our relationship with Jehovah should be safeguarded and nurtured, for without good communication, even close acquaintances can gradually become strangers
  44. Prayer can help you carry out your duties
    Allow the precious privilege of prayer to help you fulfill your assigned duties as elders and maintain your joy while doing so
  45. When your strength runs out
    When your physical strength runs out and your mental powers are exhausted, then especially lean on Jehovah for help, direction, wisdom, and strength
  46. Prayer even when busy
    Be careful not to get caught in a whirlwind of activity and lose your appreciation for communing with God
  47. Spiritual bridge of friendship
    Be determined to “persevere in prayer,” for by doing so, you will never allow the spiritual bridge to true friendship with Jehovah God to collapse
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