Vocabularies 3

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  1. Choleric
    Easily angered 

    Gena's mom is really nice but her dad is choleric; he freaks out about the smallest things. 
  2. Contemporaneous
    Existing, beginning, or occurring in the same period of time

    The composer Salieri was contemporary with Mozart.

    A song was written a century later, and was not contemporaneous.
  3. Expedite
    To speed up (to expedite shipments)

    • To accomplish promptly; as a piece of business 
    • (to expedite one's duties)
  4. Anachronism
    Something out of place in time

    Her old-fashioned perspective on motherhood makes her an anachronism among her friends. 

    An error in chronology in which a person, object, event, etc is assigned a date or period other than the correct one. 

    To assign Michelanged to the 14th century is an anachronism. 
  5. Spurious
    Fake; couterfeit 

    The head of the FBI cursed the spurious lead that incorrectly led them to an abandoned warehouse. 
  6. Immutable

    Emily is an immutable vegetarian. No matter how hard we try, we can not get her to eat meat. 
  7. Interminable
    Never ending

    Tiresomely long; tedious.

     An interminable meeting

    Interminable delays from your end.

    Some articles have given rise to apparently interminable discussions on several internet chat lists.

  8. Protracted
    Prolonged; extended in time

    A protracted legal battle

    Diputants who needlessly protracted the negotiations 
  9. Evanescent
    • Likely to vanish 
    • Tending to vanish like vapor (evanescent beauty

    Tending to disappear quickly; of relatively short duration (evanescent rash)
  10. Superfluous
    Beyond what is necessary or sufficient

    Not necessary or relevant; uncalled-for

    My presence at the afternoon's proceedings was superfluous.

    Superfluous information.

    These totally superfluous police horsemen were never in the processions in earlier years.
  11. Extemporaneous
    Done with little or no practice 

    Previously planned but delivered with the help of few or no notes (extemporaneous lectures)

    Speaking or preforming with little or no advance preparation (extemporaneous actors)
  12. Banal
    Ordinary, trival 

    That show used to be my favorite, but its story lines become so banal that I could no longer stand it. 
  13. Phlegmatic

    His prologed illness turned Julio from a spry, happy bon vivant into a morose and phlegmatic bore.
  14. Clandestine
    Secret; hidden

    The clandestine military facility in the capital city was unknown even to the president of the United States.
  15. Vacuous
    Lacking substance 

    His latest book is widely criticized as vacuous and unintelligent. 
  16. Sporadic
    Recurring in scattered and irregular or unpredictable instances 

    A city subjected to sporadic bombing raids

    Isolated; unique: a sporadic example.

    • Sporadic outbreaks of mob violence, often punished by death.
  17. Transitory
    Lasting for a short time

    • Youth's transient beauty 
    • Love is transitory but it is eternal
  18. Lassitude
    Feeling of weakness or litlessness.

    A feeling of lack of interest or energy

    Symptoms of anaemia include general fatigue and lassitude.

    Instead of leading other nations with examples of good practices, we are infecting them with our own chronic lassitude.
  19. Influx
    A flowing in: an influx of foreign capital.

    • A mass arrival or incoming: an influx of visitors to the city; large influxes of refugees.
  20. Auxiliary
    Helping; additional 

    • Auxiliary forces
    • An auxiliary nurse 
  21. Augment
    • To increase in amount or make bigger in size or number
    • The recent speech of the president augmented tensions in the Near East

    • To make (something already developed or well under way) greater, as in size, extent or quantity
    • Continuing rains augmented the floodwaters.

    Grow or intensify; "The pressure augmented"
  22. Centennial
    Of or relating to an age or period of 100 years 

    Occuring once every 100 years
  23. Enamored
    To inspire with love; captivate 

    Was enamored of the beautiful dancer. 

    Were enamored with the charming island. 
  24. Amity
    Peacful relations, as bettween nations; friendship 

    Friendship or harmony between individuals or groups 

    He mentions in his will that he had lived almost 43 years in perfect amity with his wife. 
  25. Amiable
    Likeable; pleasant and good-tempered 

    Having or displaying a pleasant or agreeable nature; friendly 

    You will find the mood at home restless, edgy, not always amiable. 

    Amiable personality 
  26. Animosity
    Bitter hostility; active hatred 

    The rivals regarded one another with animosity. 
  27. Agile
    Characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement. 

    Mentaly quick or alert (an agile mind)

    The anteloe is very agile. 
  28. Aptitude
    Talent or ability (an aptitude for mathematics

    An inherent ability, as for learning; a talent
  29. Inept
    • Not apt or fitting, inappropriate
    • The Government's inept response turned this into a crisis.

    • Awkward, clumsy, or incompetent
    • Inept handling of the account.
    • He was inept and lacked the intelligence to govern.

    • Displaying a lack of judgment, sense, or reason; foolish: 
    • An inept remark  
  30. Ambivalent
    The co-existence of opposing attitudes or feelings such as love and hate, toward a person, object, or idea

    He maintained an ambivalent attitude to religion throughout his life.

    • Uncertainty or indecisiveness as to which course to follow.
    • Was ambivalent about having children
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