SAT Vocabulary 2

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  1. an envoy
    messenger, representative
  2. subsistence
    being alive, existence
  3. defuse
    spread, disperse
  4. condescending
  5. conduct
  6. condone
    pardon, excuse, overlook (morally wrong or offensive things)
  7. lament
    mourn, grief
  8. altuistic
    selfless, concern for wellfare ot others
  9. belittle
    make seem unimportant
  10. conscientious
    being thorough, careful, vigilant
  11. mercenary
    • takes part in an armed conflict
    • is hired by a foreign army
  12. magnanimous
    generous, forgiving, noble-minded
  13. surreptitious
    kept secret (esp. because it is not approved of)
  14. ineptitude
    akwardness, unskillfullness
  15. loquacious
    talkative, chatty
  16. alacrity
    brisk & cheerful readiness
  17. decorum
    decency, propriety, etiquette
  18. precocious
    forwad, early, premature (behavior & ability esp. children)
  19. exempt
    free, relieve, excuse from something
  20. bestow
    give, grant, award (an honor, gift or right)
  21. diffident
    modest or shy because of lack of confidence
  22. congruous
    in agreement or harmony
  23. aplomb
    self-confidence, self-assurance
  24. heretical
    dissident -> departure from accepted beliefs or standards
  25. myriad
    countless or very big number
  26. disingenuous
    • not candid or sincere
    • pretending to know less
  27. tenuous
    weak, slight, thin
  28. staunch
    loyal, faithful, firm, steadfast
  29. convival
    friendly, lively, cheeful, festive
  30. obfuscation
    bewilderment, confusion
  31. remonstrate
    protest, object
  32. equivocate
    use ambiguous language to conceal the truth or avoid commiting
  33. perennial
    lasting for very long or infinite
  34. excavate
    dig out
  35. reappraise
    revalue, reassess
  36. supersend
    replace, substitue
  37. negate
    make ineffective, make negative
  38. panache
    flamboyant confidence
  39. irascibility
    a feeling of resentful anger
  40. futility
    useless because no of no partivular result
  41. verdant
    green, rich vegetation
  42. dormant
    inactive, latent
  43. stunted
    retard growht or developement
  44. licentious
    promiscuous & unprincipled in sexual matters
  45. nihilism
    • rejection of religious & moral beliefs
    • extreme skepticism regarding the real exsitence of things
  46. propitiary
    having power to atone
  47. maudlin
    self-pityingly or tearfully sentimental (often because of drunkenness)
  48. redolent
    • fragrant, scented
    • reminiscent
  49. veer
    sudden change of direction
  50. waft
    gentle movement in the air, breeze
  51. evocative
    bringin strong images, memories or feelings to mind
  52. calamity
    disaster, distress, catastrophe
  53. indignation
    resentment, anger
  54. vigilant
    watchful, alert
  55. stealth
    secrecy, clandestine
  56. retard
    delay, hold back progress
  57. atone
    redeem, make amends
  58. expeditiously
    quickly & effectively
  59. adversely
    in a harmful way, negatively
  60. implement
    make use of, carry out
  61. inhibit
    hinder, restrain, prevent
  62. parochial
  63. assess
    estimate the value of something
  64. coerce
    to force, put pressure on someone
  65. deplete
    decrease supply of resource or material
  66. inference
    conlusion drawn from evidence
  67. interdict
    prohibit, forbid
  68. intreprid
  69. assail
    attack or criticize forcefully
  70. invoke
    call on for support
  71. assimilate
    to consume an incorporate
  72. erode
    wear away, become smaller
  73. devise
    plan or invent by careful thought
  74. dissonant
    lacking harmony
  75. impertuable
    marked by extreme calm & steadiness
  76. callow
    inexperienced, immature (esp. a young person)
  77. enigmatic
    mysterious, difficult to understand
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