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  1. Mitosis is the cell divison that involves_____.
    Somatic cells (body cell)
  2. Meiosis is the cell divison that involves_____.
    Gametes (sex cells)
  3. M phase is ...
    Mitosis ( cutting of the cell/dividing of the cell) and cytokinesies (the cell)
  4. S phase is ...
    Chromosomea replication
  5. G1, G2- "G"
    Cell growth
  6. S and G phases are _____.
  7. How many chromosomes does A healthy human have?
  8. What happens during mitosis interphase ...
    Its the stage between divisions. Cell growth and duplication of chromosomes.
  9. What happens during mitosis prophase...
    Spindle fibers begin to form. Nuclear membrane begins to disolve.
  10. What happens during mitosis metaphase
    The chromsomes line up in the middle of the cell. And they are attaches to the spindle fibers.
  11. What happens during mitosis anaphase
    Chromsomes move to opposite poles (divide) into 22 on one side and 23 on the other
  12. What happens during mitosis telophase
    The chromsomes reach opposite poles. Spindle fibers have desolved and fibally the nuclear membrane begins to reform. ( the cell starts to divide in two)
  13. Why is cancer so unique
    They are mutated cells that can't age and the continue to multiple. They are ur bodys cells so you cant fight it. Also when taken out of the body thtey can still keep dividing
  14. Some causes for cancer
    • Sun
    • Certain fried foods
    • Cigarattes
    • Certain virius
    • Chemicals
  15. Angiogenesis means...
    To create blood vessels
  16. Stem cells
    A cell that doeant have any function. It has yet to become somthing
  17. Types of clonning
    • Reproductive cloning- duplicating a person
    • Therapeutic cloning- duplicating part of a person
  18. Is a clone gentically identical?
    Almost, they are different when grown up in different inviroments
  19. How is clonning done
    Clone are produces naturally when the cell in a developing zygote become seperated aftee the two cell stage
  20. Artificail embryo twinning
    And early embryo is sepertated into individual cells in a petri dish in a lab. Each cell then divides and develops on its own. And then implanted into the surrogate mom
  21. Somatic cell transfer
    DNA from a somatic cell of an adult is infected into an unfertilized, Enucleated egg and then implanted into the uteeus of a surrogate mother
  22. Theraputic clonning
    They use stem cells to grow diff types of cells
  23. Embryonic vs. Adult stem cells
    Embryonic can be anything while adult ones are limited. Embryonic stem cells can be grown easily when aduly ones dont mature aswell. But adult cells are less likely to be rejected after transplantation
  24. Whwn does crossing ovee happen?
    Prophase 1
  25. Qhat is a nondisjunction
    When homologous chromoaomes fail to seperate during meiosis
  26. Trisomey?
    Having three copies of a chromsome. Ex, down syndrome
  27. Monosomy?
    Having only one copy of a chromsome. Ex, turners symdrome ( females usually dont develop sexually)
  28. How many haploid cells do we have
  29. Synapsis is?
    Anothee word for crossing over
  30. Tetrads are_____?
    When the two pairs of chromosomes meet up! And then start croaaing over
  31. Autosomes
    All your chromosomes ( not sex cells)
  32. 4 haploid cells arw priduces during what?
  33. Crossing over only happens during what stage?
    Prophase 1
  34. Name two ways that meiosis promotes varation when mitosis does not?
    • Crossing over
    • Reduction
  35. Name three ways to identify homologous paira in a karyotype
    • 1. Banding (DNA)
    • 2.arm length
    • 3. Where the centrimere is
  36. What makes it harder to find cancer?
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