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  1. Atom
    The smallest particule of an element that retains its identity in a chemical reaction
  2. Atomic mass
    The weighted average masses of the isotopes of an element
  3. Atomic mass unit (amu)
    A unit of mass equl to one tweltfh the mass of a carbon-12 atom
  4. Cathode ray
    A stream of electrons produced at the negative electrode (cathode) of a tube containing a gas at low presure
  5. Daltons atomic theroy
    The first theroy to relate chemical changes to events at the atomic level
  6. Electron
    A negativily charged substance particule
  7. Group
    A vertical column of elements ib the periodic table
  8. Isotopes
    Atoms of the same element that have some atomic number but a different atomic masses due to a different number of neutrons
  9. Mass number
    The total number of neutrons and protons in the nuxleus of an atom
  10. Neutron
    A subatomic particle with no charge and a mass of 1 amu
  11. Nucleus
    The tiny; dense central portion of an atom composed of protons and neutrons
  12. Period
    A horrizental row of elements on the periodic table
  13. Periodic table
    An arrangment of elements in which the elements are seperated into groups based on a set of repeating properites
  14. Protons
    A positivily charged subatomic particule found in the nucleus of an atom

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