articles of the NEC and abbreviations

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  1. What is Article 90 of the NEC?
  2. What is Article 100 of the NEC?
  3. What is Article 110 of the NEC?
    Requirements for Electrical installations.
  4. What is Article 200 of the NEC?
    Use and Identification of grounded conductors.
  5. What is article 210 of the NEC?
    Branch circuits
  6. What is article 215?
  7. What is article 220?
    Branch-Circuit, feeder and service claculations.
  8. What is article 225?
    Outside Branch circuits and feeders.
  9. 230
  10. 240
    overcurrent protection
  11. 250
    grounding and bonding
  12. 280
    surge arrestors, over 1kv
  13. 285
    surge-protective devices, 1kv or less
  14. 300
    wiring methods
  15. What does FCC stand for?
    Flat conductor cable
  16. What does ITC stand for?
    Instrumentation tray cable
  17. What does NUCC stand for?
    nonmetalic underground conduit conductors
  18. What does TVSS stand for?
    transient voltage surge suppressors
  19. What doe UF stand for?
    Underground feeder
  20. What does RTRC stand for?
    Reinforced thermosetting resin conduit
  21. What is article 310?
    conductors for general wiring
  22. 312
    cabinets, cutout boxes, and meter socket enclosures
  23. 320
    armored cable: type AC
  24. 322
    flat cable assemblies: type FC
  25. What is article 626 of the NEC?
    Electrified Truck Parking spaces
  26. What is article 517 of the NEC?
    Healthcare facilities
  27. What is article 422 of the NEC?
  28. What is article 400 of the NEC?
    Flexible Cords and Cables
  29. Elevator cables can be found where?
    under article 400 flexible cords and cables.
  30. What is article 630 of the NEC?
  31. What is article 720 of the NEC?
    circuits less than 50 volts
  32. What is article 408 of the NEC?
    Switchboards and panelboards
  33. What is article 550 of the NEC?
    mobile homes
  34. What is article 424 of the NEC
    Fixed electric space heating?
  35. What is article 410?
  36. What is article 404 of the NEC?
  37. What is article 398 of the NEC?
    open wiring on insulators
  38. What is article 380 of the NEC?
    multioutlet assembly
  39. What is article 647 of the NEC?
    Sensitive electrical equipment
  40. According to 240.4D (denoted by **) in the NEC ampacity table for conductors, what class fuses can only be used to protect size 16 and 18 awg wires not regarding a motor?
    Cass CC, T, or J
  41. What is article 694?
    Wind electric systems
  42. Where would you find information about audio amplifiers of the constant voltage type?
    Article 640 "audio signal processing, amplification, and reproduction equipmemt
  43. Overcurrent protection for fixture wires shall be found where?
    Article 402 "fixture wires"; specifically table 402.5
  44. Where would you find the section for “Electrical installations in hollow spaces, vertical shafts, and ventilation or air-handling ducts”?
    Article 300 “General requirements for wiring methods and and materials” is a good answer.  300.21 is the best answer.
  45. Where would you find “required receptacles” in a single or multifamily dwelling”?
    Article 210.50 “Branch Circuits”
  46. Where would you find optical fiber cables and raceways?
    Article 770
  47. According the OESC (oregon specialty code) as it amends 110.26, what is the required foot candles of illumination around working spaces about service equipment? If you are not an Oregon license holder then disregard.
    10 ft candles.
  48. Where can you find information on parallel conductors?
    Article and section 310.10
  49. Where used at a point on a circuit, the SPD (surge arrestor or TVSS) shall be connected to what? Where can this be found in a rather obscure section title and article?
    • To each ungrounded conductors.  
    • additionally to a 6 awg g.e.c.
    • This can be found under “Number Required” in article 285.
  50. Where would you find recptacles, cord connectors and attachment plugs?
    Article 406
  51. Where would you find info on receptacle faceplates?
    406 receptacles cord connectors and attachment plugs.
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