Vocabularies 7

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  1. Inflection 
    The act or result of curving or bending 

    • Change in pitch or loudness of the voice
    • She spoke with no inflection. 
  2. Genufelct
    To touch the knee to the floor or ground esp in worship 

    T be severly obedient or respectful 

    They genuflected before the altar in the church. 
  3. Afflict 
    To cause suffering or unhappiness; distress greatly

    She is continually afflicted by/with headachess. 

    The disease afflicts an estimated two million people every year. 

    The south was afflicted by a severe drought. 
  4. Foresight
    Provision for or insight into future problems, needs, etc

    Seeing ahead; knowing in advance; fore seeing

    They had the foresight to invest the money wisely. 

    HIs career choice shows a lack of foresight. 
  5. Foreshadow 
    To represent, indicate, or typify beforehand

    Her early interest in airplanes foreshadowed her later career as a pilot. 
  6. Forewarn 
    To warn in advance

    I should forewarn you before you come to visit that we have a dog. 
  7. Fortuitous
    Happening by chance, esp by a lucky chance; unplaned; accidental

    You couldn't have arrived at a more fortuitous time. 

    The intensification of competition on the job market has only exacerbated our class anxiety, as hiring seems all the more uncertain if not fortuitous. 
  8. Infringe 
    To break (a law etc) or interfere with (a person's freedom or rights) 

    They claim that this use of the name infringes their copyright. 

    Her rights must not be infringed. 
  9. Fruition 
    The attainment or realization of something worked for or desired; fulfilment 

    When she landed the lead in a broadway play, a life long dream was brought to fruition. 

    These were dreams of long standing that had finally come to fruition. 
  10. Frugal 
    Practising economy; living without waste; thrifty

    Costing little; inexpensive; "a frugal lunch

    By being frugal, the family is able to stretch its monthly budget. 
  11. Genesis 
    A begining or origin of anything 

    Was present at the meeting which was later considered the genesis of the new political movement. 
  12. Incognite 
    With one's identity disguised or concealed 
  13. Grandeur
    The quality or condition of being grand; magnificence 

    The world is charged with the grandeur of God. 

    Personal greatness esp when based on dignity, character, or accomplishments. 

    His paintings capture the beauty and grandeur of the landscape. 
  14. Grandiose
    Impressive to an excessive or foolish degree

    He produced several grandiose schemes for a holiday resort but no resort was ever built. 

    He was full of grandiose ideas. 
  15. Gratuitous 
    Given unearned or without recompense 

    Not involving a return benefit, compensation; or consideration 

    • Costing nothing 
    • They will throw in a gratuitous box of chocolate when you spend $30 or more in their shop. 

    • Not called for by the circumstances
    • The film was criticized for its gratuitous violence. 
  16. Regress
    The act of reasoning backward

    Movenment backward to a previouse and especially worse or more primitive state or condition. 
  17. Retrograde
    Moving, occuring or performed in a backward direction

    Tending toward or resulting in a worse or previouse state

    Affecting memories of a period prior to a shock or seizure; "retrograde amnesia

    A retrograde policy that could leave more people poorer than they are now. 
  18. Inherent
    Involved in the constitution or essential character of something

    Belonging by nature or habit

    He has an inherent sense of fair play. 

    An inherent concept of justice. 
  19. Heterodox
    Not in agreement with accepted beliefs, esp in church doctrine or dogma

    Holding unorthodox opinions 

    A christian clergyman with a very heterodox opinion on the divinity of Jesus. 

    Her heterodox approach to teaching science initially met with some resistance from her peers. 
  20. Homonym 
    A group of words prounced or spelt in the same way but having different meanings

    The words 'there' and 'their' are homonyms. 
  21. Anomaly
    Deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule

    One that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal or difficult to classify 

    We couldn't explain the anomalies in the test results. 

    Her C grade is an anomaly, as shes never made anything except A's and B's before. 
  22. Hyperbole
    A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in I could sleep for a year or this book weighs a ton. 
  23. Hypertension 
    Abnormally high blood pressure esp in the arteries. 
  24. Hypodermic 
    (an instrument) used for injecting a drug under the skin "a hypodermic needle

    Of or relating to the region of the skin beneath the epidermis. 
  25. Hypocritical
    Being a hypocrite

    • Hypocrite = a person who puts on a false apperance of virtue or religion 
    •                 = a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings 

    It's hypocritical to say mean things behind someone's back, and then to act nice when you want something from her/his. 
  26. Idiom
    A manner of speaking that is natural to native speakers of a language 

    His mother passed away (=died) this morning. 
  27. Idiosyncracy 
    A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group. 

    An abnormal reaction of an individual to specific foods, drugs or other agents

    Her habit of using "like" in every sentance was just one of her idiosyncracies. 
  28. Implicit 
    Not expicit; implied; indirect 

    There was implicit criticism in his voice. 

    Absolute and unreserved; unquestioning 

    You have implicit trust in him. 
  29. Indigenous
    Produced, growing, living or occuring naturally in a particular region or environment; native 

    There are several indigenous groups that still live in the area. 

    The culture of the indigenous people of that country. 
  30. Insipid
    Lacking flavor or zest; not tasty. "insipid food"

    Lacking qualities that excite, stimulate, or interest, dull

    The soup was rather insipid.
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