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  1. What is counterpulsation?
    Balloon inflation in diastole and deflation in early systole
  2. What is the aim of IABP?
    • Increase myocardial oxygen supply
    • Decrease myocardial oxygen demand
  3. Some indications for IABP?
    • LV Failure (low EF/hypertension/BNP increase)
    • Mechanical Complications to MI
    • Secondary complications to MI (renal failure)
    • Unstable angina
    • Support for high risk PTCI (Left main stem)
    • Bridge to bypass
  4. Contra-indications for IABP?
    • Aortic Valve insufficiency - Severe AVR will only get worse
    • Aortic dissection
    • Aortic Aneurysm
    • Severe PVD (can not manourver balloon up patients arteries)
    • Irreversible brain damage
    • Cerebral aneurysm
  5. Why is determining the correct balloon size important?
    Do not want to block off carotid or renal arteries
  6. What are the main effects of IABP?
    • Increase coronary artery perfusion
    • Increase myocardial oxygen supply
    • Decrease myocardial oxygen demand
    • Reduces afterload
    • Increases MAP
    • Decreases work load on lungs (lowers Pulmonary artery pressure)
  7. When is the balloon set to inflate?
    On the dicrotic notch
  8. If the dicrotic notch can not be found/seen, what should the trigger be set to?
    R wave
  9. Why is the balloon inflated during diastole?
    • Increases pressure difference between the aorta and the left ventricle
    • This results in an increased coronary blood flow and myocardial oxygen supply
  10. Draw the IABP curve indicating diastolic augmentation
    Isn't it pretty ;-)
  11. What are the haemodynamic effects of deflation of the balloon?
    • Decreased afterload
    • Decreased cardiac work
    • Decreased myocardial oxygen consumption
    • Increased cardiac output
  12. What are the three different triggers for IABP?
    • ECG - R wave
    • Pressure - Dicrotic notch
    • Pacing - Pacing spike
  13. What are the effects of late timing of inflation?
    Diastolic augmentation is reduced