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  1. Allophones
    Variations of phonemes that do not change the meaning of the word; two people can produce one sound in varying ways, yet they can be identified as the same sound

    "green" and "red" - percieved by the listener as the same sound
  2. Place of Articulation: Bilabials
    p b m w
  3. Place of Articulation: Labiodentals
    f v
  4. Place of Articulation: Interdentals
    theta eth
  5. Place of Articulation: Alveolars
    t d s z n l
  6. Place of Articulation: Palatals
    affricates, sh ch r and j
  7. Place of Articulation: Velars
    k g ng
  8. Place of Articulation: Glottals
  9. Manner of Articulation: Stops
    p b t d k g
  10. Manner of Articulation: Fricatives
    f v theta eth s z sh ch h
  11. Manner of Articulation: Affricates
    ts and dz
  12. Manner of Articulation: Glides
    w j
  13. Manner of Articulation: Liquids
    r l
  14. Manner of Articulation: Nasals
    m n ng
  15. Derivation
    Derivation occurs in all language; It occurs when a word is altered from one lexical category to another

    The derivational prefix de- is added to the verb base construct to get the verb deconstruct

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Speech Science

Speech Science
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