Doubles-Triples Test #2

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  1. Empty Trucks:
    May have poor traction.
  2. You are driving a setof doubles, and a trailer wheel locks.  Which of these is most likekly to occur?
    The trailer will jacknife.
  3. The safest way to keep brakesfrom getting too hot while going downhill isto?
    Use the braking effect of the engine to control the speed.
  4. The landing gear is up and the trailer is resting on the trractor.  Be sure there is enough clearance between:
    The rear of the tractor frame and the landing gear.
  5. After supplying air to the tractor air tank, you charge the trailer tank by:
    Pushing in the air supply knob or valve.
  6. Which of the followintg statements is correct about preventing rollovers?
    Go slowly around turns.
  7. You are driving a 100ft. doubles combination at 50 mph.  The road is dry and you have good visibility.  You should keep at least _____seconds of space ahead of you.
  8. You must drive through deep or running water.  You should NOT:
    Drive through quickly.
  9. After you charge the trailer tank, you should:
    Make sure the trailer brakes are working properly.
  10. Which of these will result in thebest control on curves?
    Slow to a safe speed before entering the curve, then accelerate slightly through it.
  11. When pulling more than one trailer, the _____trailer should be first behind the tractor for safe handling on the road.
  12. Which of these statement aboutquick steering movements and doubles/triples is true?
    Doubles/triples may tip over more easily when making quick steering movements.
  13. What is likely to happen in the pintle hook is unlocked with the dolly still under the second trailer?
    The dolly tow ba may fly up.
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