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  1. Mollusks are bilateral
  2. Mullusk come from
    Phyla mollusea
  3. Mollusks are divided into three parts
    • 1. the head
    • 2. the foot 
    • 3. visceral hump
  4. The __________      _______________ contains the internal organs
    Visceral hump
  5. The visceral hump in Mullusk are covered in a ____________  ____________  Called ____________   ____________ 
    Thin membrane

    The mantle
  6. The mantle secretes a ____________ in most mollusk species
  7. The ____________  Hangs down over the back and sides
  8. Name four types of bivalves
    Clams, oysters, scallops, and muscles 
  9. cilla on their gills move into their blank by then carry out the what
    Mouths , current siphone
  10. The bivalve blank out the blank particles from the water which then stick to their blank
    The bilateral FILTER out the FOOD particles from the water which then stick to their GILLS
  11. Cephalopods have blank as well as a blank
    Cephalopods have JAWS as well as a RADULA
  12. Cephalopods are the only mollusks with a blank blank blank 
     Closed circulatory system
  13. What type of mollusks have large well-developed eyes
  14. The most complex mollusks are the
  15. A cephalopods blank is adapted to a group of blank surrounding their mouth.
    A cephalopods FO0T is adapted into a group of TENTACLES surrounding their mouth
  16.  cephalopod, nautilus, has a blank blank
    A cephalopod nautilus has a EXTERNAL SHELL
  17. Cephalopod cuttlefish have a small blank blank
    Cephalopod cuttlefish have a small INTERNAL SHELL
  18. Cephalopods octopuses have no blank
    Cephalopods octopuses have no SHELL
  19. Name four types of cephalopod
    • Octopuses
    • Squids
    • Cuttlefish
    • Nautilus
  20. The bivalve stays partially open with how many siphons extended to carry water in and out
  21. The bivalve contracts the blank burying The mollusks
    The bivalve Contracts the FOOT burying The mollusks
  22. The bivalve berries in the sand with a blank blank blank blank
    Hatchet shaped muscular foot
  23. If what get into the mantle that pearly layer Can build up a blank around it
    Grain of sand, pearl
  24. The pearly layer of a valve is located where
    Next to the Mantel 
  25. The Valve has a shiny layer called blank blank blank
    The Pearly layer
  26. Bivalves are mollusks with blank
  27. Bivalves have two blank blank called blank
     Hinged halves called valves
  28. Bivalves  valves can be blank and blank by the animal
    Open and shut
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