UofH KOR402 VOCAB Chapter11

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  1. 가입하다
    to join; become a member of; participate in
  2. 가정 형편
    family background; family situation
  3. 가치
    value, worth, merit
  4. 가치관
    sense of values
  5. 감수하다
    to be ready; to suffer
  6. 비난을 감수하다
    to submit; to reproach
  7. 개방적
    frank; candid; open-minded
  8. 개설하다
    to open (up); establish; setu up; found
  9. 건강 기록부
    record of medical checkups; medical records
  10. 건수
    number of items (cases); opportunity
  11. 교통 사고 건수
    number of traffic accidents
  12. 걸맞다
    to be well matched
  13. 견주다
    to compare one with another; to compete (with)
  14. 결합
    joining together; union; combination
  15. 결혼관
    outlook on marriage
  16. --관
    outlook; view
  17. 인생관
    one's view of life
  18. 경향
    tendency; trend
  19. 고소득
    high income
  20. 고전적인
    classical; classic
  21. 고전극
    classical drama
  22. 관계자
    persons concerned
  23. 관계자 외 출입 금지
    authorized personnel only
  24. 구실
    excuse; pretext
  25. 근거하다
    to be based (on); founded (on)
  26. 급부상하다
    to grow rapidly; rise to the surface rapidly
  27. 기계적으로
  28. 기꺼이
    gladly; with joy; with pleasure
  29. 긴밀하다
    to be close
  30. 긴밀한 협력
    close cooperation
  31. 꾸준히
    steadily; constantly
  32. 꾸준히 공부하다
    to study steadily
  33. 눈높이
    one's expectations or standards
  34. 눈높다
    to aim high
  35. 능력
    ability; capacity; capability
  36. 다방
    teahouse; coffee shop
  37. 당사자
    person (party) concerned; interested party
  38. 결혼의 당사자
    contracting parties in a marriage
  39. 대머리
    bald head; bald person
  40. 일찍 대머리가 된 사람
    pre-maturely bald person
  41. 등급별
    according to rank or grade
  42. 등급
    grade; rank
  43. --별
    classified by
  44. 등장
    appearance / entrance on the stage
  45. 마음가짐
    one's mental attitude
  46. 맞선
    meeting (interview) with a view to marriage
  47. 맞춤
    something made to order; custom-made
  48. 머리카락
  49. 무렵
    about; around
  50. 구 무겹
    around that time
  51. 미팅
    meeting; blind date
  52. 바람
    one's dearest wish; desire
  53. 배우자
    spouse; mate
  54. 본격적이다
    to be full-scale; genuine; regular; typical
  55. 봉쇄되다
    to be blocked up; sealed up
  56. 부쩍
    remarkably; greatly
  57. 분석
  58. 분석하다
    to analyze
  59. boom
  60. 붐을 일으키다
    to touch off a boom
  61. 붐을 타다
    to ride the crest of the boom
  62. 비중
    specific gravity; density; importance
  63. 비중을 차지하다
    to take (have) importance
  64. 상담소
    counselor's office
  65. 직업 상담소
    vocational clinic
  66. 상세하다
    to be detailed
  67. 사세히
    in detail
  68. 선호하다
    to prefer
  69. 설문
  70. 설분 조사
    survey; questionnaire
  71. 성격
    personality; character
  72. 성격상의 결점
    flaw in one's character
  73. 성사
    accomplishment; achievement; realization
  74. 신뢰
    trust; confidence
  75. 신뢰하다
    to trust; to believe; to confide in
  76. 신세대
    new generation
  77. 씁쓸하다
    to be rather bitter
  78. 씁쓸한 약
    bitter medicine
  79. 아예
    from the very first; never
  80. 거짓말은 아예 하지 마라.
    Never tell a lie.
  81. 어색하다
    to feel akward; be embarrassed
  82. 어색한 웃음
    forced smile
  83. 연설하다
    to make a speech
  84. 업무
    business; duty
  85. 업무 보고
    buisness report
  86. 업체
    company; firm
  87. 여전하다
    to be as usual; to be as before; as ever
  88. 기력
    energy; vigor; vitality
  89. 열망
    ardent wish; burning desire
  90. 원만하다
    to be harmonious; peaceful
  91. 원천적
  92. 유전자
  93. 유전자 조작
    gene manipulation
  94. 이상
  95. 이상형
    ideal type
  96. 이상적(인)
  97. 인식되다
    to be recognized; uderstood; appreciated
  98. 인연
    fate, karma; relationship
  99. 인연이 닿다
    to be destined
  100. 어떤 인연으로
    as fate would have it
  101. 인연을 끊다
    to break off relations
  102. 인정
    recognition; acknowledgment
  103. 인정받다
    to be acknowledged; approved; authorized; recognized
  104. 인지상정
    human nature; humanity
  105. 일정액
    certain amount of money; fixed sum of money
  106. 임하다
    to deal with; face/meet; to be confronted by
  107. 전략
    strategy; tactics
  108. 전략 세우다
    to map out a strategy; plan a strategy
  109. 전문직
    professional occupation
  110. 전전하다
    to wander (from place to place); to roam about
  111. 젊은이
    youth; young person
  112. 정보화 시대
    information age
  113. 정보화 사회
    information oriented society
  114. 정식
    proper (regular) form
  115. 정식 결혼
    legal marriage
  116. 정식 교육
    regular school
  117. 정식으로
    in due form; formally
  118. 좌우하다
    to dominate; influence; effect
  119. 줄곧
    all the time; at all hours; constantly
  120. 중매
  121. 중매쟁이
  122. 중매 결혼
    marriage arranged by a go-between
  123. partner; one of a pair; mate
  124. 잠고 자료
    refernce materials
  125. 참신하다
    to be fresh; new
  126. 찻집
  127. 철저하다
    to be thorough; complete; exhaustive; all embracing
  128. 철저한 연구
    through study or research
  129. 철저한 대책
    radical/drastic measure
  130. 첨단
    advanced; high-end
  131. 첨단 기술
    high-end technology
  132. 체질
    (physical) constitution
  133. 체질상의 결함
    physical (constitutional) defects
  134. 추세
    tendency; trend; current
  135. 일반적 추세
    general tendency
  136. 출신지
    one's hometown; birthplace
  137. 측면
    side; aspect
  138. saliva; spit
  139. 터무니없다
    to be outrageous; be unreasonable; be groundless
  140. 터무니없는 거짓말
    outrageous lie
  141. 터무니없는 소문
    groundless rumor
  142. 특권
    privilege (lit. special right)
  143. 평강공주와 온달
    Princess Pyonggand and the commoner Ondal (of the Koguryo kingdom; married despite their difference in social status
  144. 합리적(인)
    rational; reasonable
  145. 항목
    item; head; heading
  146. 허가
    permission; approval; license
  147. 허가를 신청하다
    apply for a license
  148. 허가를 얻다
    to obtain permission
  149. 혁신적(인)
    innovative; innovating; progressive
  150. 화기애애하다
    to be peaceful and harmonious
  151. 화기애애한 가정
    harmonious household
  152. 화장
    make-up; beauty care
  153. 환상
    fantasy; illusion
  154. 회비
    dues; membership fees; subscription
  155. 획일적
    uniform; standardized

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