chapter 14 campaign process

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  1. campaign consultants
    the private-sector professionals and firms who sell to a candidate the technologies, services, and strategies required to get the candidate elected
  2. campaign manager
    the individual who travels with the candidate and coordinates the many different aspects of the campaign
  3. canidate debate
  4. communications director
    the person who develops the overall media strategy for the candidate, blending the free press coverage with the paid TV, radio, and mail media
  5. contrast ad
  6. direct mailer
    a professional who supervises a political campaign’s direct-mail fundraising strategies
  7. finance chair
  8. free media
  9. general election campaign
  10. ge out the vote
     a push at the end of a political campaign to encourage supporters to go to the polls
  11. hard money
    legally specified and limited contributions that are clearly regulated by the FECA and by the FEC.
  12. inoculation Ad
  13. matching funds
    donations to presidential campaigns from the federal government that are determined by the amount of private funds a qualifying candidate raises
  14. media campaign
  15. media consultant
  16. negative ad
  17. nomination campaign
  18. organizational campaign
  19. paid media
  20. personal campaign
  21. political action commitee
     federally mandated, officially registered fundraising committee that represents interest groups in the political process; give primarily to incumbents; candidate might reciprocate PAC donations with loyalty to their cause
  22. pollster
  23. positive ad
  24. press secretary
  25. public funds
  26. sof money
    the virtually unregulated money funneled by individuals and political committees through state and local parties
  27. spot ad
    television advertising on behalf of a candidate that is broadcast in sixty-, thirty-, or ten-second durations
  28. voter canvas
    the process by which a campaign reaches individual voters, either by door-to-door solicitation or by telephone
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