chapter 17 social welfare policy

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  1. agenda
     A set of issues to be discussed or given attention
  2. agenda setting
  3. entitlement program
     Income security programs to which all those meeting eligibility criteria are entitled. The significance is that the government MUST provide funding for them until the law creating them is changed. Ex. Social Security. Food stamps.
  4. governmental agenda
  5. medecaid
  6. medicare
  7. means tested program
    income security program intended to assist those whose incomes fall below a designated level. Ex. Medicaid, food stamps.
  8. non means based programs
  9. policy adoption
    The approval of a policy proposed by the people with the requisite authority such as a legislature.
  10. policy evaluation
     The process of determining whether a course of action is achieving its intended goals
  11. policy formulation
    The crafting of appropriate and acceptable proposed courses of action to ameliorate or resolve public problems
  12. policy iimplentation
    the process of carrying out public policy through governmental agencies and the courts
  13. public policy
  14. social security act
     A 1935 law that established: 1.  old-age insurance (Social Security) 2.  assistance for the needy, children, and others, 3.  unemployment insurance. Payroll tax equal to 1% from both employer and employee, but set to rise 1 point a year to 3%, the payroll tax being applied to the first $3000 of income. For unemployment, workers paid 3% of their salary into a fund to draw from if they lost their job
  15. social welfare policy
  16. systemic agenda
  17. welfare reform act
    switched from an open ended matching program to a black grant to the states. Provisions: 1.  requirement for single mothers with children over 5 to work within 2 years of receiving benefits. 2.  unmarried mothers under 18 have to live with an adult and go to school for benefits 3.  five year lifetime limit for aid 4.  mothers must provide information about a child's father to receive welfare payments 5.  cutting of SSI and Food stamps for legal immigrants 6.  cutting off cash welfare benefits and food stamps for convicted felons 7.  limiting food stamps to three months in a three year period to those without children and jobs
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