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  1. Where is the block if no His spike is seen?
    AV node
  2. Where is the block if no ventricular signal is seen?
    Below the AV node
  3. What is most likely explanation is V comes before His (negative H-V interval)?
    Pre excitation
  4. What is the triangle of Coch?
    Triangular shape of the AV node consisting of AV nodal body, slow pathway and fast pathway
  5. What is the term given to the switch from fast pathway to slow pathway?
    How is this seen in an EP study?
    • Jump
    • Lengthening of the AH interval (slower conduction)
  6. What arrhythmia cause A&His&V to line up in an EP study?
    AVNRT (all being stimulated at the same time)
  7. Why do A&His&V not line up in AVRT?
    Not originated from the AV node so one thing becomes depolarised first
  8. What are cannon waves?
    • Pulsations/Poundings in the neck
    • Caused by atria contracting against closed AV valves
  9. Why is the P wave in AVNRT narrower in comparison to a sinus P wave?
    Both atria are activated simultaneously
  10. Pseudo R1 pattern may be seen in AVNRT; Why?
    Atria may be activated after ventricles so tails on end of QRS complex
  11. What is the treatment for persistent AVNRT?
    Slow pathway ablation
  12. What does an atrial "bump and spike" symbolise?
    Activation of atria via the slow pathway
  13. What is orthodromic AVRT?
    • Atria - His - Ventricles - Accessory pathway - Atria
    • Narrow Complex
  14. What is antidromic AVRT?
    • Atria - Accessory pathway - Ventricles - His - Atria
    • Broad complex
  15. What is pre-excited AF?
    Rapid, broad complex irregular tachy
  16. What type of arrhythmia is WPW?
  17. What rhythm occurs during ablation?
    Accelerated junctional rhythm
  18. What does a slow junctional rhythm represent during RF ablation?
    Procedural success
  19. Complications:
    Total AV node destruction resulting in a pacemaker
  20. What are the EP catheters used?
    • CS - Coronary sinus
    • HIS - His Bundle
    • HRA - High right atrium
    • HRV - High right ventricle
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