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  1. What is the goal of Offensive operations?
    Offensive operations aim at destroying or defeating an enemy. Their purpose is to impose US will on the enemy and achieve decisive victory (FM3-0).
  2. What are the four characteristics of the Offense (CAST)?
    • Concentration
    • Audacity
    • Surprise
    • Tempo
  3. What is Audacity?
    Boldly executing a simple plan of action
  4. What is an offensive task?
    A task conducted to defeat and destroy enemy forces and seize terrain, resources, and population centers
  5. What are the four primary Offensive tasks?
    • Movement to contact
    • Attack
    • Exploitation
    • Pursuit
  6. What five options does a commander have once contact is made?
    • Attack
    • Defend
    • Bypass
    • Delay
    • Withdraw
  7. What are the subordinate forms of attack?
    • Ambush
    • Counterattack
    • Demonstration
    • Feint
    • Raid
    • Spoiling attack
  8. What are the 16 Offensive control measures (BAA )?
    • Assault Position
    • Assault Time
    • Attack by Fire Position
    • Attack Position
    • Axis of Advance
    • Battle Handover Line
    • Direction of Attack
    • Direction of Attack
    • Final Coordination Line
    • Limit of Advance
    • Line of Departure
    • Objective
    • Point of Departure
    • Probable Line of Deployment
    • Rally Point
    • Support by Fire Position
    • Time of Attack
  9. What is the purpose of offensive control measures?
    Synchronize combat power effects, minimum control measures, provides subordinates flexibility
  10. What are the six forms of maneuver?
    • Envelopment
    • Flank Attack
    • Frontal Attack
    • Infiltration
    • Penetration
    • Turning Movement
  11. Forms of maneuver are distinct tactical combinations of _________ and __________.
    Fire, Movement
  12. All offensive planning addresses what?
    The mission variables (METT-TC).
  13. The tactical commander begins with a designated AO, identified mission, and _______ ______.
    available forces
  14. The commander maintains momentum by rapidly following up attacks to prevent ______ ______.
    enemy recovery
  15. What are the two basic techniques when transitioning to the defense?
    • The first technique is for the leading elements to commit forces and push forward to claim enough ground to establish a security area anchored on defensible terrain.
    • The second technique is to establish a security area generally along the unit�s final positions, moving the main body rearward to defensible terrain.
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