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  1. Describe Salsa Picosa
  2. What comes inside and on top of the Hatch Beef Flautas?
    • Inside: slow-roasted beef
    • top: Green chile avocado corn salsa
  3. What comes on top of the green chile avocado  enchiladas?
    • Green chile avocado sauce
    • dice tomatoes
    • pico de gallo
  4. Describe Stuffed Avocado
    • Avocado filled with chicken, cheese, and green chiles
    • panko breaded and lightly fried
    • serve on queso blanco, hatch green chile sauces,sour cream
    • Grenn chile rice and refried beans 
  5. what comes on the plate for the green chile pork carnitas?
    • Jack cheese
    • Pico
    • sour cream
    • Green chile rice
    • charro beans
    • hand rolled tortillas
  6. What is inside the Macho burrito?
    • Roasted Pork 
    • Jack cheese 
    • Guacamole
  7. list dayly specials and what day they are on
    • Monday: Hatch Beef flautas
    • Tuesday: CHK Enchil with green chile avocado sauce
    • Wed: Stuffed Avocado
    • Thusday: Green chile pork Carnitas
    • Fri: Hatch Chicken enchiladas
    • Weekends: Pork tacos and macho burrito
    • Daily: Green Chile stew

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