Appetizers and desserts

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  1. If you have prebussed your table correctly, what should be left on the table after a meal?
  2. What does the phrase check ready means and why is important?
  3. Is our Queso vegetarian?
    Is not because is made with green chiile sauce
  4. Describe the appetizer plate
    • 1/2 queso
    • 4 flautas 
    • 4 nachos
    • 1 quesadillas deluxe
    • Sour cream
    • Guacamole
    • Pico de gallo
  5. What comes inside Deluxe chicken quesadillas?
    Chicken fajita

    beef is extra
  6. When someone orders beef nachos what questions you should ask them?
    comes with chicken or beef for extra charge
  7. Name our desserts
    • Sopapillas
    • Flan
    • Tollhouse ala mode
    • Tres leches cake
  8. Describe tres leches cake
    • mexican dessert
    • made with 3 milks
    • evaporated, condensed,sweetened milk, heavy cream
    • serve on a bed of creme fraiche
    • topped with caramel and strawberries 
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