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  1. Name three vegetarian sauces
    • Ranchero
    • Tomatillo
    • Boom Boom
  2. Describe the three Enchiladas that come on the #2 Elvis memorail combo
    • Cheese with Ranchero sauce
    • Beef with tex mex sauce
    • Chicken on blue corn enchila with tomatillo sauce
  3. List the ingrdeints in a Texas martini
  4. Descrive a special nachos
    • 8 Crispy corn tortilla halves
    • topped with beans
    • blended cheese, jalapenos
    • garnish with lettuce,pico de gallo and 2 scoops of guacamole
  5. List our desserts
    • Flan
    • tres leches
    • sopapillas
    • tollhouse ala mode
    • tollhouse pie
  6. what is inside a teak burrito? what is on top?
    • Inside fajita beef meat
    • on top Green chile sauce and jack cheese
  7. describe inside of a soft chicken taco. what is on center of the plate
    • Inside Fajita Chicken and lettuce
    • garnish with
    • lettuce
    • tomatoes and mix cheese
  8. What three types of lettuce are in our salad mix
    • Red leaf
    • Boston 
    • Green leaf
  9. What is inside a chuychanga
    • Chicken
    • Jack cheese
    • Green chiles
    • Green onions 
    • cilantro
  10.  hwow many things are on a single chicken fajita
    • Hot skillet
    • Condiment plate 
    • tortillas
    • bowl of rice and beans
  11. Describe Chuy's Special. Include tortillas,filling,presentation and garnish
    • Special stacked enchiladas
    • 3 blue corn tortillas stacked with chicken, jack cheese and tomatillo sauce. topped with tomatillo sauce and jack cheese, 
    • served with sour cream
  12. List the items on the Kids menu and what side dish they come with.
    • Kid Burrito: served with rice
    • Kid enchilada: served with rice and beans
    • Kid Dilas: served with french fries
    • Kid Nuggets: french fries
    • Kid Burger: French fries
    • Kid Tacos: rice and beans
    • Kid nachos
    • Kid macaroni
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