Public Realtions

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  1. According to the text, what keeps us from doing the right thing?
    • Peer pressure
    • Fear
    • Rapidly unfolding events
  2. The Public Relations Society of America Member Code of Ethics includes;
    • Advocacy
    • Duplicity
    • Expertise
  3. Rectifying Behavior Strategies include;
    investigation, correctice action, restitution and repentance
  4. PR is different from advertising because advertising is unable to control its message
  5. PR's goal is to enhance the organizations reputation, maintain or build the overall image of the organization rather then sell a product or service
  6. Journalits can influence what is in the news .and how it is presented but they do not have final edit unlike PR practitioners
  7. Journalists see their target population in segments
  8. Marketers are different from PR in that they design packing and handle product placment
  9. Integrated Marketing and Communication (IMC) attempts to merge marketing and public relations together to coordinate all communication activities
  10. Organizations choose thier publics
  11. According to Situational Theory; :Nonpublics" can be divided up into Latent and Active groups
  12. The 24 hour news cycle assumes that all organizations will be able to communicate immediately which is always a good idea?
  13. Pr practitioners shold be able to demonstrate ROI, that is, the overall value of their CEO to the company.
  14. With SWOT, the strength and Weaknesses are internal opportunities and Threats are external to the organization.
  15. When constructing your case study, it is unnescessary to go to the web for organizational website, newspaper databases, etc. The case material provided will be enough.
  16. Your "Preparing the Case" worksheets, asks you to consider the timeline, key publics and human factors
  17. Crisis response strategies range from pre-emptive action to strategic inaction
  18. A single spokesperson is neccessary only when a single agency is involved
  19. Advertisers avoid PR because PR uses low cost methods of boosting advertising budgets
  20. While PR assists marketers by providing media kits and press releases, PR does not guide publicity events in consumer relations
  21. Favorable metion by a newspaper doesnt hurt, but it will not increase the public's perception of a product or service.
  22. Public relations proffesionals can easily loose the trust of the media by misleading or hiding information. Once that trust is lost it is difficult to get back
  23. All employee campaigns must include; research,plannng,implementation and evaluation
  24. Employees should first hear about their work situation through the media
  25. The goal of govenment relations is to ensure that the organizations concerns and needs are known to appropriate govenment representatives and their staff to ensure long term success and survivability or the organization.
  26. Lobbying is a persuasive campaign to support, defeat or amend legislation that the organization deems necessary to its own interests.
  27. Every branch and agency of govenment has the same information needs.
  28. While it is important to be accessible and accommodate the media, it is necessary to communicate frequently during a crisis
  29. Public Relations provides publicity and promotion to raise awareness and aid sales and fundraising efforts
    Awareness and Information
  30. Public Relations through enviromental monitoring, research and connections with its publics can provide an early warning system of potential problems.
    Issue Anticipation
  31. Public Relations can manage an appropriate response to crisis situation that will minimize the harm to an organizations's reputation and allow it to continue functioning.
    Crisis Management
  32. Public Relations can assist with organizational changes through communication and other activites to ease resistance to change and promote a smooth transition for those affected by the changes.
    Change Agentry
  33. Public Relations can use its connections to government officials and other influential individuals or groups to gain acceptance for its actiities, products, or services abd also remove political barriers.
    Influencing Public Policy
  34. Marketing =
    • Research and development
    • Public Information
    • Advertising
    • Pricing / Point of Sale
  35. Marketing goes from Public Information to...
    Public Relations to Advertising
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