Vocab: Unit 5

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  1. dilapidated
    • fallen into disrepair, usually by neglect
    • syn: sleazy, dingy, seedy
    • phrases: go to seed
  2. dilatory
    • inclined to put things off, to postpone
    • syn: laggard, shilly-shallying, temporizing
  3. dilligent
    • hardworking, thorough and persistent
    • syn: assiduous, sedulous, indefatigable
    • ant: indolent, perfunctory, cursory
  4. dire
    • dreadful or disastrous, bleak or cheerless; urgent
    • syn: calamitous, somber
    • ant: salutary, salubrious, beneficial, mild
  5. discomfit
    • defeat or frustrate, perplex or embarrass
    • syn: rout, drub, foil, nonplus, abash
    • ant: reassure, lose to
  6. discourse
    • oral/written exchange of ideas, a discussion; discuss at length
    • syn: treatise, dissertation, colloquy, expatiate, descant
    • ant: synopsis, precis
  7. discriminate
    • distinguish between at least two things (often by small differences); behave unfairly toward someone or a group because of a prejudice
    • syn: discern, perspicacity, acumen, discernment, bigotry
  8. disparage
    • speak slightingly or to undervalue
    • syn: decry, minimize, run down
    • ant: extol, laud, eulogize
  9. disparity
    • difference or inequality
    • syn: disproportion
    • ant: parity
    • phrase: gap
  10. distraught
    • deeply distressed or agitated
    • syn: overwrought, perturbed, upset
    • ant: impassive, calm
  11. divulge
    • make known or public
    • syn: disclose, impart
    • ant: hide
    • phrase: leak, shocking exposé
  12. docile
    • easy to manage, teach, train or discipline
    • syn: tractable, amenable
    • ant: headstrong, perverse, obdurate
  13. dormant
    • inactive, suspended in use, growth or development
    • syn: latent, inert, quiescent, torpid
    • ant: flourishing, vigorous
  14. drastic
    • violently forceful and swift, extreme
    • syn: draconian, rigorous, thorough-going
    • ant: ineffectual, halfhearted, mild
  15. duplicity
    • deliberate deception in speech or conduct
    • syn: guile, deceit, dissimulation, chicanery, sharp practice, double-dealing
    • ant: probity, plain dealing
    • phrases: artful dodge, Judas kiss, under false colors, two-faced
  16. eclectic
    • choosing what seems best; one whose opinions are drawn from various sources
    • syn: selective, synthesized
    • ant: monolithic
    • phrase: all of a piece
  17. effete
    • worn out or exhausted, marked by weakness or self-indulgence
    • syn: decadent, barren, sterile
    • ant: dynamic, fertile, prolific
  18. efficacious
    • capable of producing the desired effect
    • syn: efficient, potent
    • ant: unserviceable, useless
  19. effrontery
    • shameless boldness
    • syn: audacity, impertinence, temerity, gall, cheek, chutzpah, presumption
    • ant: timidity, meekness, diffidence
    • phrase: barefaced audacity
  20. elicit
    • draw out or call forth
    • syn: prompt, educe
  21. elite
    • select group of superior individuals; superior or select
    • syn: A-one
    • ant: proletariat, hoi polloi, rabble; proletarian
  22. emaciated
    • wasted away or reduced by starvation/disease
    • syn: gaunt, haggard, shriveled
    • ant: corpulent, obese
  23. emanate
    • flow out of; to send forth
    • syn: spring, emit, give off, proceed from
    • ant: soak up, draw in, attract
  24. embellish
    • decorate or enhance
    • syn: adorn, gussy up, garnish
    • ant: mar, deface
  25. eminent
    • high in rank, distinguished; outstanding, conspicuous
    • syn: illustrious, noteworthy
    • ant: obscure, lowly, undistinguished
  26. empathy
    • sympathetic understanding of, or identification with, the feelings/attitudes of someone else
    • syn: compassion
    • ant: callousness, insensitivity¬†
  27. emulate
    • try and equal or surpass the excellence of
    • syn: mirror, take after
  28. enclave
    • country or area lying completely with the boundaries of another country or area; separate group within a larger one
    • syn: enclosure, precinct
  29. endemic
    • peculiar to a particular locality or group of people
    • syn: indigenous, native
    • ant: alien, extraneous, foreign
  30. enigma
    • intentionally obscure statement, a riddle; something that is puzzling
    • syn: brainteaser, conundrum
    • phrase: terra incognita, a sealed book
  31. entice
    • lead on by arousing hope or desire
    • syn: lure, coax, inveigle, seduce
    • ant: repel, scare off
    • phrase: bait the hook
  32. entreat
    • ask or petition earnestly
    • syn: implore, beg, beseech, importune
    • phrase: cap in hand
  33. envisage
    • have a mental image of something, especially when it does not actually exist; to conceive of
    • syn: envision, imagine
  34. epithet
    • word or phrase used to describe/characterize someone or something; term of abuse or contempt
    • syn: designation, appellation, moniker, obscenity
    • phrases: hurl brickbats at, mudslinging
  35. equanimity
    • calmness or evenness of temper
    • syn: composure, placidity, sang-froid, nonchalance
  36. equitable
    • fair or just
    • syn: evenhanded, impartial
    • ant: lopsided, biased
  37. erudite
    • deeply learned, especially in a certain area
    • syn: profound, scholarly
    • ant: ignorant
    • phrase: a savant, a maven, an ignoramus
  38. esoteric
    • understood by or intended for only a select few; difficult to understand
    • syn: occult, abtruse, recondite, arcane
    • ant: exoteric, accesible
  39. ethical
    • in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong
    • syn: virtuous, honorable
    • ant: immoral, unscrupulous
  40. ethnic
    relating to a small but distinct social group within a population
  41. euphemism
    substitution of a relatively inoffensive term for one that would be too harsh, blunt or unpleasant
  42. exacerbate
    • increase the bitterness or severity of, to irritate
    • syn: aggravate
    • ant: lessen, temper, mitigate, mollify, allay, assuage, palliate
  43. exalt
    • elevate in power, position, character or the like
    • syn: ennoble, uplift
    • ant: debase, humble, abase
  44. exemplary
    • worthy of imitation; serving as a model, illustration or warning
    • syn: sterling, meritorious, laudable, paragon, epitome
    • phrases: ne plus ultra, beau idéal
  45. exigency
    • state of urgency or situation demanding immediate attention, pressing needs caused by such a crisis
    • syn: emergency; requirements
    • phrases: a hot spot, in hot water
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