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  1. Who...
    sailed to americas
    mixed native american cultures with european
    start spain and portugal to lead the way in exploring
    christopher columbus
  2. what was
    the pope dividing the new world between spain and portugal
    treaty of tordesillas
  3. who
    discovered the pacific ocean
  4. who
    tried to sail arounf the world
    part of crew suceeds
  5. who goes into flordia
    ponce de leon
  6. who
    goes into the american southwest
  7. who
    concurs incans
  8. who conquers aztecs
  9. what was
    the civil war in england between the lancasters and yorks
    lancasters win
    war of roses
  10. who
    started tudor eara
    started the  church of england
    heney the 8th
  11. who
    led protesent reformation
    posted 95 thesis
    martin luther
  12. who
    last tudor
    one of greatest monarrh
    elizabeth I
  13. who
    tried to organize a coloney
    got lost at sea
    sir humphery gilbert
  14. what was
    coloney started by sir walter raleigh
    got there
    and was then lost
  15. what was
    the first sucessful coloney
    establishede by Virginia Co
  16. who
    did pocahontas marry
    introduced tobacco to america
    john rolfe
  17. what was
    legislative assembly in virginia
    when colonies began making their own laws
    house of burgesses
  18. what was
    coloney in massacuses started by puritain extremist called separatists
  19. who
    helped the pilgrims survive by teaching them
  20. what was the first major migration of puritians who started massachusetts
    the great migration
  21. who
    was the first governor of the ma. bay coloney
    john winthrop
  22. what was
    the puritian belief in the chosen who can go to heaven
    the elect
  23. what was
    the law that every town with at least 50 households had to have a school
    old deluder law
  24. who started rhode island for religious toleration
    roger williams
  25. who
    beieived god came to her
    preched against the elect
    anne hutchinson
  26. who founded connecticut for seperation of church and state
    thomas hooker
  27. what are
    private citizens who do a little military traning and just come together when needed
  28. what was
    a war of colonists against the indians and the militia beat them
    king phillips war
  29. what was once a dutch setlement (aka wat was its old name) whose capital was new amsterdam
    new ampserdam (NYC)
  30. who comes up with the idea of the dominion of new england (to get rid of all northren colonial goverments and make one big one)
    edmund andros
  31. who were
    a small spread out religious group
    believed people should look within
  32. who
    was rich enough that the monarchy owed them money so they got a colleny
    William Penn
  33. what was william penns colony
    that had religious freedom
    and grows rapidly
  34. what colony was orginally part of penns land and was broken off
  35. who founded maryland for a safe place for catholics
    george calvert (lord baltimore)
  36. what colony
    was owned by 8 proprietors
    set up feudel system
    the Carolinas
  37. who were french protastants who moveto charleston
  38. who started the state of georgia for debtors
    james oglethorpe
  39. who were people who were brought to the coloniies for 5-7 years to work of room and board and the cost of passage
    indentured servants
  40. what was
    the rebels attacking the indians
    and burning down jamestown
    Bacon's Rebelion
  41. who developed the mealting pot metaphor
  42. what was when new englan shiped rum to west africa, west africa shiped slaves to west indies, and sugar was shiped to new england
    tringlar trade
  43. what was
    the unwritten role of the british ignoring their own trade laws
    salutary Neglect
  44. what was the event where thedaughter of a puritan minister that others were witches and resulted in 20 deaths and was the death of puratinism
    salem witch trials
  45. what was a religious beief in colonial times that people had free will
  46. who led the first great awakening
    Johnaton edwards
  47. who wrote sinners in a hand of the angry god
    johnaton edwards
  48. what was a religious revival where people beieived if they invited god in they would be saved
    the great awakening
  49. who spreads the great awakening
    george whitefeild
  50. who were traditional church leaders during the great awakening
    old lights
  51. who were revivalist during the great awakening
    new lights
  52. what movement starts in 17 century europe that the universe is mechanical and uses reason to understand the world
  53. who started the idea of free press in america
    john peter zenger
  54. what was the war between britian and france that centred in the ohio river valley over control of modren pittsburgh
    the french and indian war
  55. what was the treaty that ender the french and indian war
    the treaty of paris
  56. who wrote Wealth of nations and is the father of capatilism
    Adam Smith
  57. what were the series of trade restrictions in 1660
    navigation acts
  58. what were goods that could not be sold in the british empire
    enumerated goods
  59. what was when the indians tried to stop westward expansion in 1763
    pontiac's conspiracy
  60. who was one of the first to say that the king was a tyrant and said give me liberty or give me death
    patrick henery
  61. what was the first enforced act on the colonies that met great resistance
    sugar act
  62. what were military courts where summgulers were trialed harshly
    admiralty courts
  63. what were general search warents that let the britsh go through peoples stuff
    writs of assistance
  64. what was a tax for written documents in 1765
    stamp act
  65. what was the act that required colonist to provide barracts and food for soldiers
    quartering act
  66. what were the import duties on several items
    townshend acts
  67. what was the letter that caused the ma legislative to be suspened
    massachusetts circular letter
  68. who wrote letters for a PA farmer
    John Dickinston
  69. what was the network of radicals in diffrent colonies who tried to warn each other of britians actions
    committie of correspondense
  70. what was the tax on tea
    tea act
  71. what was when colonist dressed up as indians and dumped tea in the harbor
    boston tea party
  72. what was the act after the boston tea party that did not allow ships in the harbor, that boston had to pay for the tea, and town meetings are outlawed
    intolerable acts
  73. what was when 55 delagates from 12 colonies met in philly to respond to qubec and intolorable acts
    first contintal congress
  74. who were radicals who wanted to fight to be free of england
  75. was was the scirmish between general gage and militia men outside of boston where soliders martched to take a gunpowder suply  and the brits were fired at on the ruturn and almost 300 were killed
    lexington and concord
  76. who was the leder of the green mountain boys
    ethan allen
  77. what was the second meeting of delagates in philly where independence was dissused
    second continental congress
  78. what was the battle where the militia set up on on a hill and the brits attack and the brits take the hill
    the battle of bunker hill
  79. who were hired german soliders sent to the colonies
  80. what was a petion to the king that the colonists wanted peace
    olive branch petion
  81. who wrote common sense and said that it makes sense that americans should be independent and later wrote the american crisis
    Thomas paine
  82. made the first declration of independence
    Richard henery Lee
  83. wrote the formal declaration of independence
    Thomas jefferson
  84. comander and cheif of contential army
    george washington
  85. what battle did george washington supprise hessian forces on christmas day and gives soliders optimism to reenlist
  86. what battle caught burgoyne off gaurd when colonist outnumbered the british and caputure the fort and wins over france
  87. where did the continental army camp for the winter and 3,000 of 11,000 die.
    valley forge
  88. who defeats gates(us) at battle of camden
  89. who lead the attacks on the british on the westren frontier
    george rogers clark
  90. who does washington send south for cornwallis to chase until he goes to yorktown
    nathaniel greene
  91. what battle ended the revolutionary war
  92. what treaty ended the revolutionary war
    treaty of paris
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