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  1. Berlin in 1933 is in upheaval.
    Trastornado, agitación social.
  2. Carla know her parents were about to hava a row.
  3. Carla cringed when they kissed in front of other people.
    To chinge: sentir vergüenza ajena.
  4. I longed to touch him.
    To long to + inf: estar deseando, anhelar.

    To long for: echar de menos.
  5. Mother and he had giggled conspiratorially.
    reirse tontamente
  6. He looked dapper.
  7. This kind of talk made Carla feel queasy.

    my stomach’s a bit queasy tengo el estómago revuelto
  8. They seemed to think that a terrible danger loomed.
    (be imminent) avecinarse
  9. Hitler and his mob.
  10. Freda had measles.
    Tiene sarampión.
  11. She had flet sorry for him when he was sacked.
  12. Lloyd felt weirdly.
    de manera rara o extraña.
  13. Anyone who stands in our way will be butchered.
  14. he shrieked.
    Chillar, gritar
  15. Hitler´s hatred seemed real.
  16. The outburst was also a performance.
  17. Thomas was smarting form the sarcasm of Robert.
    to smart FROM sth: resentirse DE algo;
  18. It was a hectic time.
    • ‹ day / week › ajetreado, agitado;
    • ‹ journey / pace › agotador;
    • ‹ activity › frenético, febril
  19. much of the furniture was worn.
  20. he ushered them into the auditorium.
    Hacer pasar, acompañar.
  21. He began to wade into the audience.
    • ‹ fight / argument › meterse en;
    • ‹ opponent › emprenderla con (fam), arremeter contra
  22. A man shouldered Lloyd
    (push) empujar con el hombro; I was shouldered aside me hicieron a un lado a empujones; to shoulder one’s way abrirse paso a empujones
  23. He lashed out at Werner.
    to lash out AT/AGAINST sb (physically) emprenderla a golpes (or patadas etc) CON algn, arremeter CONTRA algn.

    (spend freely) (BrE colloq) to lash out (ON sth): we decided to lash out and buy a decent camera decidimos tirar la casa por la ventana y comprarnos una cámaracomo la gente (fam); I had lashed out on a new dress había gastado un montón en comprarme un vestido nuevo (fam)
  24. The fist
  25. He hit Volodya in the chest and then in the head and Volodya staggered.
  26. Mother and father stubbornly refused to join in.
    stubborn: terco, testarudo, tozudo
  27. He though of a snag.
    inconveniente m, problema m, pega.
  28. Lloyd felt his temper benning to simmer.
    Simmer: « liquid » hervir* a fuego lento; « controversy / dispute » fermentar;
  29. Hitler finishd by scorning the Social Democrats.
    ‹ person / attempts / efforts › desdeñar, despreciar, menospreciar
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