Enchiladas And Kids Menu

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  1. What Filling options are listed on the menu"custom Enchiladas"? What kind of tortillas will custom enchiladas be made on?
    2  enchiladas filled with choice of beef,chicken,cheese or combination and topped with choice of sauce,
  2. What enchiladas get jack cheese
    • Chuy's special
    • Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom Enchiladas
    • Deluxe Chicken
    • Veggie Enchiladas
    • Southwester Enchiladas
  3. What can be cut from Veggie Enchiladas?
  4. How do you ring Classic Enchiladas with no onions?
    Cheese enchiladas with Tex-Mex sauce?
  5. How do you ring Deluxe enchiladas green chile sauce?
    Deluxe chicken cut Deluxe tomatillos sauce or cut sauce and add green chile sauce
  6. When someone orders custom enchiladas what do you need to ask them?
    • The choice of filled 
    • and choice of sauce  and if onions is ok.
    • if only jack cheese is ok or mixed cheese
  7. Describe southwestern Enchiladas
    3 blue corn tortillas layered with chicken and jack cheese, top with green chile sauce,jack cheese and a fried egg
  8. Name Items on our Kids Menu
    • Kid Burrito: served with rice
    • Kid enchilada: served with rice and beans
    • Kid Dilas: served with french fries
    • Kid Nuggets: french fries
    • Kid Burger: French fries
    • Kid Tacos: rice and beans
    • Kid nachos
    • Kid macaroni
  9. What are the sides that are available for the kids plates?
    • Rice and Beans
    • French Fries
    • Macaroni
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