Spanish Verbs 2

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  1. informar
    to inform
  2. insistir
    to insist
  3. interesar
    to interest
  4. invertir (e:ie)
    to invest
  5. invitar
    to invite
  6. ir
    to go
  7. irse
    to leave
  8. jubilarse
    to retire
  9. jugar (u:ue)
    to play
  10. lastimarse
    to injure oneself
  11. lavar (se)
    to wash
  12. leer (y)
    to read
  13. levantarse
    to get up
  14. limpiar
    to clean
  15. llamar (se)
    to call (oneself)
  16. llegar (g:gu)
    to arrive
  17. llenar
    to fill
  18. llevar
    to carry
  19. llevarse
    to get along
  20. llover (o:ue)
    to rain
  21. luchar
    to fight
  22. mandar
    to send or comand
  23. manejar
    to drive
  24. mantener (se) (g)
    to maintain
  25. maquillarse
    to put on makeup
  26. mejorar
    to improve
  27. merendar (e:ie)
    to snack
  28. mirar
    to look at
  29. molestar
    to bother or bug
  30. montar
    to ride
  31. morir (o:ue)
    to die
  32. mostrar (o:ue)
    to show
  33. mudarse
    to move
  34. nacer (c:zc)
    to be born
  35. nadar
    to swim
  36. navegar (u:ue)
    to navigate or to surf the web
  37. ncesitar
    to need
  38. negar (e:ie)
    to deny
  39. nevar (e:ie)
    to snow
  40. obedecer (c:zc)
    to obey
  41. obtener (g)
    to obtain
  42. ocurrir
    to occur
  43. odiar
    to hate
  44. ofrecer
    to offer
  45. oir (y)
    to hear
  46. olvidar
    to forget
  47. pagar (g:gu)
    to pay
  48. parar
    to stop
  49. parecer (c:zc)
    to seem
  50. parecerse
    to resemble
  51. pasar
    to pass
  52. pasear
    to walk
  53. patinar
    to skate
  54. pedir (e:i)
    to ask for or to order
  55. peinarse
    to comb
  56. pensar (e:ie)
    to think (about) or to plan
  57. perder (e:ie)
    to lose
  58. pescar (c:qu)
    to fish
  59. pintar
    to paint
  60. planchar
    to iron
  61. poder (o:ue)
    to be able to
  62. poner (g)
    to put or place or set
  63. pracitar (c:qu)
    to practive
  64. preferir (e:ie)
    to prefer
  65. preguntar
    to ask (a question)
  66. preocuparse
    to worry
  67. preparar
    to present
  68. presentar
    to present
  69. prestar
    to lend
  70. probar (o:ue)
    to be able to
  71. probarse (o:ou)
    to try on
  72. prohibir
    to prohibit
  73. proteger (g:j)
    to protect
  74. publicar
    to publish
  75. quedar
    to fit
  76. quedarse
    to stay or remain
  77. quemar
    to burn
  78. querer (e:ie)
    to want or love
  79. quitar
    to clear or take away
  80. quitarse
    to take off
  81. recetar
    to prescribe
  82. recibir
    to receive
  83. recoger (g:j)
    to pick up
  84. recomendar (e:ie)
    to recommend
  85. recordar (o:ue)
    to remember or remind
  86. reducir (c:zc)
    to reduce
  87. regalar
    to give gift
  88. regateaer
    to bargain
  89. regresar
    to return
  90. reirse de (e:i)
    to laugh
  91. relajarse
    to relax
  92. reciclar
    to recycle
  93. renunciar
    to renounce
  94. repetir (e:i)
    to repeat
  95. resolver (o:ue)
    to solve or to resolve
  96. respirar
    to breathe
  97. revisar
    to review or to revise
  98. rogar (o:ue)
    to beg
  99. romper (se)
    to break
  100. saber (se)
    to know/fact, how to
  101. sacar (c:qu)
    to take out
  102. sacudir
    to shake off or dust
  103. salir (g)
    to go out or exit
  104. saludar (se)
    to greet
  105. sacar (se) (c:q)
    to dry (off)
  106. seguir (g, e:i)
    to follow
  107. sentarse (e:ie)
    to sit down
  108. sentirse (e:ie)
    to feel
  109. separarse
    to separate
  110. ser
    to be
  111. servir (e:i)
    to serve
  112. soler (o:ue)
    to be in the habit of
  113. solicitar
    to apply (for a job)
  114. sonar (o:ue)
    to ring/ sound
  115. soneir (e:i)
    to smile
  116. sorprender
    to surprise
  117. subir
    to climb or go up
  118. sudar
    to sweat
  119. sufrir
    to suffer
  120. sugerir (e:ie)
    to suggest
  121. suponer (g)
    to suppose
  122. temer
    to fear
  123. terminar
    to finish
  124. tocar (c:qu)
    to touch or play an instrument
  125. tomar
    to take
  126. torcerse (o:ue, c:z)
    to twist
  127. toser
    to couch
  128. trabajar
    to work
  129. traducir (c:zc)
    to translate
  130. traer (g)
    to bring
  131. transmitir
    to transmit
  132. tratar
    to try or treat
  133. usar
    to use
  134. vender
    to sell
  135. venir (g)
    to come
  136. ver (veo)
    to see
  137. vestirse (e:i)
    to get dressed
  138. viajar
    to travel
  139. visitar
    to visit
  140. vivir
    to live
  141. volver (o:ue)
    to return
  142. votar
    to vote
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