Grade 9 Science Review Ecolagy

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  1. What is the smallest part of an ecosystem?
    An organism
  2. What is a population?
    A group of the same species
  3. What is a communtiy?
    All the organisms in a given ecosystem
  4. Name the four (4) different Spheres
    • Biosphere
    • Hydrosphere
    • Lithosphere
    • Atmosphere
  5. What is the biosphere?
    A combination of all the three other spheres, making up the entire world
  6. What is the hydrosphere?
    A hydroshphere makes up all the water based ecosystems
  7. What is the atmosphere?
    A atmosphere makes up all the air baseed ecosytems
  8. What is the lithosphere?
    A lithosphere makes up all the land based ecosystems.
  9. What is a producer?
    A organism that uses photosynthesis to create its own food.
  10. What is a consumer?
    An organism that cannot make its own food, so it feeds off other organisms
  11. What is a primary consumer?
    A organism that eat's only producers. (Also known as a herbivore)
  12. What is a secondary consumer?
    A organism that feeds off primary consumers.
  13. What is a tertiary consumer?
    A organism that feeds off secondary consumers
  14. What is a scavanger?
    Carnivors that only eat the remains of dead animals.
  15. What is a Detrivors?
    Organisms that feed on organic matter, (Dead organisms and waste)
  16. What are decomposers?
    Organims that use a chemical (Enzymes) to break down waste left by detrivors.
  17. What is a tropic level?
    The tropic levels show the amount of energy based ont he point on the food chain.
  18. What type of organisms reside on the first tropic level?
  19. What kind of organisms reside on the 2nd tropic level?
    Herbivors and omnivors
  20. What kind of organisms reside of the tropic levels 3 and upwards?
    Omnivores and Carnivors.
  21. What is the average amount of energy transferred between animals through tropic levels.
  22. What is a food chain?
    The progress of absorbtion of organism's energy through consumption.
  23. What is a food web?
    Mutiple food chains.
  24. Why ar
  25. Why are decomposers not part of most foodd chains?
    Decompsers consume dead animals, and since every organism dies eventrually, they are always consuming everything shown.
  26. Difine Biodiversity;
    A high amount of differnt species in the same ecosytem
  27. Which biome has the most biodiversity of life?
    The tropical rainforest
  28. Which biome has the least biodiversity of life/
    The Tundra
  29. Where does the 90% of the energy not abosrbed by the consumer when they feed?
    It is lost by heat
  30. What is bioaccumalation?
    The gradual build up of a substance in an organisms body
  31. What is biomagnification?
    When contaminated organisms are consumedin great amounts in predators, increasing toxicity
  32. How is carbon released into the atmosphere?
    The buring of fossil fules and "Cellular Resperation" releases carbon back into the atmosphere.
  33. How is carbon taken out of the atmosphere?
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