Oracle OCP 9i to 11g Oracle SecureFiles

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  1. In the light of SecureFiles, what are the old large object storage now know as?
  2. What are the advantages of SecureFiles?
    • Compression
    • Encryption
    • Deduplication
    • Path Optimization
  3. What new init parameter is for SecureFiles?
  4. What are the possible values for DB_SECUREFILE parameter?
    • IT'S PIFAN!!!
    • ALWAYS
    • FORCE
    • NEVER
    • IGNORE
  5. What does ALWAYS in as DB_SECUREFILE parameter do?
    Attempt to create SecureFile LOBs but fall back to BasicFile LOBS if tablespace is not using ASSM
  6. What does FORCE in as DB_SECUREFILE parameter do?
    Force all LOBS to be DB_SECUREFILE. If tablespace is MSSM an error is generated
  7. What does NEVER in as DB_SECUREFILE parameter do?
    Disallow SecureFile LOBSs from being created. If a Securefile LOB is in DML, create as BasicFile unless specific SecureFile options are stated; then create error.
  8. What does IGNORE in as DB_SECUREFILE parameter do?
    Disallow SecureFile LOBs and ignore any errors that would otherwise be caused by forcing BasicFile LOBs with SecureFile options.
  9. How do Oracle recommend turning BasicFile LOBS into SecureFile LOBS?
  10. What are the advantages of Online Redefinition?
    • Tables and Partitions do not have to be take offline.
    • Operation can be done in parallel.
    • Operation requires additional tablespace during execution.
  11. What has to be done after a partitioned table is redefined?
    Global indexes must be rebuilt.
  12. How can one obtain the current settings of a SecureFile LOB?
  13. Which procedure allows SecureFile LOB features to be set?
  14. Which function returns TRUE/FLASE depending on whether a LOB is a SecureFile?
  15. What are the possible LOB compressions available in SecureFiles
    High and Medium
  16. What is the default compression setting
  17. What is the default duplication setting
  18. How is encryption removed?
    • ALTER TABLE encrypt_tab MODIFY ( clob_data CLOB DECRYPT);
  19. How is encryption method changed?
    • REKEY
    • ALTER TABLE encrypt_tab REKEY USING 'AES192';
  20. In what types(s) of tablespace are Oracle Secure Files allowed?
    Only ASSM
  21. What can speed up online table redefinition?
    Running it in parallel
  22. On what segment types can Online Table Redefinition be performed
    • Table
    • Partition
  23. When creating, altering LOBs for which type of LOB is CACHING an option?
    Both SecureFile and BasicFile
  24. What are the CACHING options when creating LOBS? What is the default
    • CACHE
    • NOCACHE (default)
  25. If CACHE READS is specified when creating a LOB, what is the result?
    LOBs are only placed in the buffer cache during read operations
  26. What happens is one users the CACHE with NOLOGGING or FILESYSTEM_LIKE_LOGGING?
    An error is generated, CACHE must have logging
  27. Which procedure is used to check to space usage on LOBS?
  28. What is the minimum COMPATIBLE value to user SecureFiles?
  29. To Redefine a table or partition, must it be online or offline?
    Doesn't matter
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