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  1. 136. perfidious (adj)
    faithless; disloyal; treacherous
  2. 137. petulance (n)
    insolent or rude in speech or behavious; peevish
  3. 138. piety (n)
    dutifulness toward religion; devoted to God
  4. 139. plethora (n)
    exess; an abundance; superfluous amount
  5. 140. poignant (adj)
    painfully affecting emotions; touching; moving
  6. 141. portentous (adj)
    ominous; threatening
  7. 142. pretentious (adj)
    making demands based on one's skill, ability, or means; showy; ostentatious
  8. 143. primordial (adj)(n)
    first created; primitive; fundamental; basic principle
  9. 144. proximate (adj)
    very near; close; imminent
  10. 145. pundit (n)
    a learned man; an authority who gives opinion in authoritative manner; critic, expert
  11. 146. querulous (adj)
    habitually complaining; whining
  12. 147. raconteur (n)
    one who excels in telling anecdotes, one who is skilled in telling sotries
  13. 148. ramshackle (adj)
    appearing ready to collapse; rickety; carelessly or loosely constructed; shaky
  14. 149. resonant (adj)
    continued vibration or sound; echo
  15. 150. reticence (adj)
    uncommunicative; silent; not open
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