Niara Vocabulary Week of 1.7.13

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  1.              Scenario 1/07/13

    Malcolm created different scenarios in his mind as to how he would respond to his mother if she asked him where he went after-school.
    Scenario NOUN

    A situation or series of events, especially when imagined or rememberedNeutral
  2.                Senseless 1/07/13

    The senseless killing at Sandy Hook Elementary left many people dead and others without family members.
                    Senseless  ADJ 

    Making no sense, having no purpose or benefits.
  3.                            Absurd 1/08/13

    It was absurd for Gina to think she could “fly like a bird” and try to jump off the tree.
                      Absurd ADJ

    Extremely ridiculous or not making much sense Absurdity (Noun)Negative
  4.                 Turbulent 1/08/13

    The turbulent winds let us know that our flight was sure to be cancelled.

    • Describes to a situation or a thing that has a lot of change, confusion and disorder.ADJ
    • Turbulence (Noun)
    • Negative
  5.                  Hideous 1/09/13

    The bright orange and green polka dotted top hat was hideous and something that I would never wear.
                      Hideous ADJ

    Extremely ugly or unattractive
  6.               Peculiar 1/09/13

    I found it to be very peculiar that all the students picked their noses at the same time.
                      Peculiar ADJ

    strange or unusual, sometimes in an unpleasant way Neutral/Negative
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