Oracle OCP 9i to 11g Installation and Upgrade Enhancements

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  1. What is the default value for ORACLE_BASE?
  2. When ORACLE_BASE variable is not set what happens?
    • Oracle will install
    • When database is started, there will be an error in alert log
  3. Which OFA directory structure stores trace and other diagnostic data?
    Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)
  4. What is the default location of ADR?
  5. What parameter dictates the location of the ADR?
  6. What is the default location of the Flash Recovery Area?
  7. What is the default location of the datafiles?
  8. What new component is installed by default and optionally in 11g?
    • Default:
    • Application Express
    • Oracle Real Application Testing
    • Oracle SQL Developer
    • Oracle Warehouse Builder
    • Optionally:
    • Oracle Configuration Manager
    • Oracle Database Vault
  9. What is no longer an optional feature?
    Oracle XML DB
  10. What is the lowest version of Oracle that can be directly upgraded to 11g?
  11. What are the manual database upgrade steps?
    • Backup Database
    • startup upgrade
    • Run utlu111i.sql
    • Run catupgrd.sql
    • Run utlu111s.sql
    • Run catuppst.sql
    • Run utlrp.sql
  12. What does "startup upgrade" do?
    Disables system triggers and prepares data dictionary for upgrade
  13. What is utlu111i.sql, what does it do?
    • This is the Pre-Upgrade information tool
    • Recommends changes required before upgrade
  14. What is utlu111s.sql, what does it do?
    • This is the Post-Upgrade information tool
    • Verifies all components have installed correctly
  15. What is catuppst.sql, what does it do?
    Performs upgrade tasks that do not require the database in upgrade mode
  16. What script would be run to downgrade a database to the pre-upgrade version?
  17. Which GUI tool can be used to upgrade a database to 11g?
    Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA)
  18. What is advantage of using DBUA with databases with ASM?
    The upgrade of the database and the ASM can happen simultaneously.
  19. How can one move datafiles to ASM or OFS during upgrade?
    Use DBUA
  20. in Oracle 11g, what is the minimum allowed value for the compatible parameter?
  21. In patching of 11g, what are .so files?
    Dynamic/shared libraries that do not require a relink of the RDBMS binary.
  22. In patching of 11g, what is the advantage .so files?
    Patches can be applied and rolled back while the instance is running.
  23. How are online patches applied?
    Using opatch
  24. What are the advantages of online patching?
    • No downtime is required
    • They persist across shutdowns
    • They allow rolling patches in RAC
    • They have a fast installation
  25. What are the disadvantages of online patching?
    • They require more memory
    • Online patching isn’t available on all platforms
    • Not all patches are available as hot patches
  26. When in STARTUP UPGRADE is issued, what happens to the database?
    Job queues are turned off.All system triggers are disabled. Normal upgrade errors are suppressed and not spooled.
  27. How should utlrpt.sql be run in multiprocessor environment?
    • It will automatically run to CPU_COUNT with no extra parameters
    • It will automatically call utlprp.sql
  28. How are utlrpt.sql threads limited?
    utlrpt.sql N - Where N is number of threads
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Oracle OCP 9i to 11g Installation and Upgrade Enhancements
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