Content Area 3

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  1. Response
    a single instance of behavior 

    the measurable unit of analysis
  2. Behavior
    the interaction of the muscles and the glands of a living organism and the environment
  3. Functional Response Class
    a group of responses that are topographically different that have the same function
  4. Repertoire
    all the behaviors that a person can do
  5. Environment
    a complex, dynamic universe of events thatdiffers from instance to instance
  6. Topography
    the physical nature of responses

    the exact form, configuration or shape of the response
  7. Magnitude
    the force associated with topography
  8. Topographical Response Class
    a group of responses that share a common form
  9. Stimulus
    an energy change that occurs either within or outside the body that affects an organism through its receptor cells
  10. 3 Types of Nervous Systems
    • Proprioceptive
    • Interoceptive
    • Exteroceptive
  11. Proprioceptive
    related to balance and movement
  12. Interoceptive
    internal stimuluation
  13. Exteroceptive
    stimulation from the 5 senses
  14. Stimulus Class
    a group of antecedent stimuli that have a common effect on behavior
  15. Response Class
    a group of behaviors that have the same function
  16. Consequences
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