Social Studies Review CCA#3

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  1. A system that allows each branch of government to change or veto acts of another branch to prevent any one branch from becoming too powerful is called
    Checks and Balances
  2. The branch of government that makes (passes) the laws (Congress) is the
    Legislative Branch
  3. The branch of government that interprets the laws (judges and courts) is the
    Judicial Branch
  4. The branch of government that carries out the laws (president) is the
    Executive Branch
  5. The first 10 amendments of the U.S. Constitution are called the
    Bill of Rights
  6. The supreme legislative body of a nation called
  7. An organized group of people who share a view of what government should be and do (Democrats and Republicans) is called a
    Political Party
  8. What did the states hope to gain under the Articles of Confederation? (3 things)
    • 1) Freedom
    • 2) Independence
    • 3) Firm league of Friendship within the other states
  9. What was the original purpose of the Constitutional Convention? (1 purpose)
    To revise the articles of confederation
  10. What is the purpose of the Constitution? (4 purposes)
    • 1) To establish Justice
    • 2) To ensure peace
    • 3) To defend the nation
    • 4) To protect the peoples well-being and liberty
  11. What is the Bill of Rights and what does it guarantee?
    First 10 amendments guarantee freedom
  12. What happened when Congress decided to add the BillĀ  of Rights to the Constitution?
    Many states signed (Ratified) the constitution
  13. Why did the writers of the Constitution believe that the government's power should be limited? (inferred answer)
    They did not want the government to be to strong
  14. Which group wanted a strong national government, like that set forth in the Constitutions
  15. Give some examples of "Checks and balances" in the U.S. Government. (3 examples)
    • 1) President can veto an act that congress has passed
    • 2) Congress can overtun the President's veto with a two-third vote
    • 3) Judicial Branch can overturn the laws if they find it is against the constitution
  16. What are the top three leaders of the United States in Order from least to greatest power?
    • 1) Speaker of the house
    • 2) Vice-President
    • 3) President
  17. Amendment: Guarantees that right to a fair trial and the right to have a lawyer
    6th Amendment
  18. Amendment: Gives Americans the right to carry weapons to protect themselves.
    2nd Amendment
  19. Amendment: Gives Americans the right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press
    1st Amendment
  20. Amendment: Forbids police and other officials from performing unreasonable searches and taking things from people.
    4th Amendment
  21. Amendment: Guarantees that people cannot be tried or punished for the same crime twice, cannot be forced to be witnesses against themselves, and must be given proper legal procedures.
    5th Amendment
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