Guidon - Chain of Command

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  1. Governor of Virginia
    Robert McDonnell
  2. President of VT
    Dr. Charles W. Steger
  3. VP for Student Affairs
    Patricia A. Perillo
  4. Dean of the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
    Alan Grant
  5. Dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies
    Jack Davis
  6. Dean of the College of Science
    Lay Nam Chang
  7. Dean of the College of Business
    Robert T. Sumichrast
  8. Dean of the College of Engineering
    Richard Benson
  9. Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
    Sue Ott Rowlands
  10. Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine
    Gerhardt G. Schurig
  11. Dean of the College of Natural Resources
    Paul Winistorfer
  12. Head of AFROTC
    Col John P. Montgomery
  13. Head of AROTC
    COL David Chase
  14. Head of NROTC
    CAPT Bob James
  15. Commandant of Cadets
    Maj Gen Randal D. Fullhart, USAF (Ret.)
  16. Deputy Commandant 1st BN
    CDR Michael Weaver, NOAA (Ret.)
  17. Deputy Commandant 2nd BN
    CAPT James S. Snyder, USN (Ret.)
  18. Deputy Commandant 3rd BN
    LTC Chuck Payne, USA (Ret.)
  19. 1st Battalion Training NCO
    SGM Daniel Willey, USA (Ret.)
  20. 2nd Battalion Training NCO
    MGySgt Lance Jones, USMC (Ret.)
  21. 3rd Battalion Training NCO
    SGM David Combs, USA (Ret.)
  22. Deputy Commandant VPI Company
    Lt Col Donald G. Russell, USAF (Ret.)
  23. Deputy Commandant
    COL Dave Miller, USA (Ret.)
  24. Director of Alumni Programs
    Col Patience Larkin, USAF (Ret.)
  25. Assistant Commandant
    MAJ Rewa Mariger, VA Militia
  26. Executive Officer
    Maj Carrie Cox, USAF Reserve
  27. Director, Regimental Band
    MAJ George McNeill, VA Militia
  28. VTCC Secretary
    Mrs. Leketa Miller
  29. Residential Learning Coordinator
    Ms. Jeananne Tiffany
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