Guidon - Mottos Corps Awards and Competitions

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  1. 1st BN motto
    First above all
  2. 2nd BN motto
    Honor First, Duty Always
  3. 3rd BN Motto
    Strength from Unity, Pride through Perseverance
  4. Alpha Motto
    Still Kickin' Ass
  5. Bravo Motto
    Forged in Flame
  6. Charlie Motto
    Semper Primus
  7. Delta Motto
    Spirit of Delta
  8. Echo Motto
    Unity and Pride
  9. Foxtrot Motto
    Praebate Exmplium
  10. Golf Motto
    Non Concedo
  11. Hotel Motto
    Pride Now, Tradition Always, Hotel Forever
  12. India Motto
    Non Sibi, Sed Omnibus
  13. Kilo Motto
    Ne Te Molesti Deprimant
  14. Band Motto
    Deeds Not Words
  15. Cross Rifles
  16. Prop & Wings
    Air Force
  17. Anchor
  18. Eagle & Globe
  19. Crossed Cannons
    Corps Only
  20. Cross Sabres
  21. When was the Beverly S. Parrish, Jr. award presented to the VTCC?
    24 May 1956
  22. What does the Beverly S. Parrish, Jr. award consist of?
    A plaque which will be displayed in the winning unit's area & a cup which has been retired and is displayed in Brodie Hall
  23. When did Cadet Parrish graduate from Tech?
  24. Achievements of Cadet Parrish while at Tech
    Star athlete, outstanding student, Regimental Commander
  25. When did Cadet Parrish die?
    11 February 1956
  26. How did Cadet Parrish die?
    He was the Acting Cadet Wing Commander of the newly established Air Academy and was serving in this capacity when he was killed in a plane crash at Charlotte, North Carolina
  27. Who presented the first Kohler Cup and when?
    John F. Kohler in 1931
  28. The Kohler Cup is awarded to ___.
    The cadet unit that demonstrated its superiority in drill competition
  29. What color is the Beverly S. Parrish Memorial Streamer?
  30. What color is the Kohler Cup Streamer?
  31. Name two drill competitions.
    Jaff Eager Squad and Eager Individual
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