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  1. penis
  2. White cannons color of habit founded by St. Nobert
  3. Founder of Vincentians
    St. Vincent de Paul
  4. Apostle of Rome, founded Oratorians. helped convert many high Ecclesiastes to strive for personal holiness. Emphasized love and spiritual perfection for all men of Church
    St. Philip Neri
  5. Frankish king who gave land to the papacy. First Caralingian King
    Pepihtle Short
  6. Converted Frankish and many of his followers after his wife invoked the Christian God
    St. Remigius
  7. Residence of the pope in 1309-1378 exile of the popes. followed when there were three popes for over 40 years
  8. Prominent Italian Cardinal. Archbishop of Milan. Established Semenaries and Colleges. 
    St. Charles Borromeo 
  9. Albertus Magnus. Domican priest and bishop
    teacher of St. Thomas Aquanias. great influence in philosophy
    • St. Albert the great
    • vagina
  10. shorted pontificate- sometimes called "the smiling pope" August 26- Sep 28- first pope with 2 names- picked John Paul as a reflection of his immediate predeccessors and the promise to carry out the work. ended the traditional papal crowning. died of a heart attack 
    John Paul I
  11. one of the largest churches built at this time at Constaniple. taller than 15 story building. built by Justinian
    Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom)
  12. bishop, doctor of the church active opponent  of Arianism-loyalty
    responsible for the rise of Christianity at this time. Great teacher and example. First doctor. He excomunicated the principle that the church is supreme in its own domain
    St Ambrose of Milan
  13. helped found the sisters of charity. established hospitals and oprhanages. patron of those who devote themselves to Christian social work. Established first congregation of women serving the sick
    St. Louis de Marillax
  14. Patron of Moscow. Robbed of his inheritence by his brothers he refused to fight them. sword while he prayed to them 
  15. First Christian ruler of Bulgaria- introduced Christianity to the Slavs
    Borris Bulguaria 
  16. Book by St. Augustine of Hippo presenting his views of history about the heavenly city. After Pope attached- only Christians embraced a history to the beginning of time
    City of God
  17. Battles fought during the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries for the purpose of reclaiming the holy land- largely a failure except for the 1-8 crusades
  18. students of scholarstian-philosophy of middle ages after 1200 a synthesis that attempt to organize all the questions asked and to present answers in a logical format 
  19. Founded Jesuits- society of Jesus- formed religous order for the purpose of educating others in the faith- wrote-spiritual excercises
    wounded in the leg by a french cannon ball, reading the life of Christ and numerous works of hte Saints while recovering he converted 
    St Ignatius Loyala 
  20. Strong supporter of labor movement called The Workers Pope
    Pope Leo XIII
  21. converted the goths. apostle of the goths. invented the alphabet
  22. called the greatest of the fathers. father of eastern liturgy basis for monestarian in the west
    St Basil
  23. church historian doctor of the chuch wrote eculesistica principle source of history not only of english church but english history 
    St bede
  24. Apostle of Germany, named winifred-english missionary responsible for the envangeligation of northern Europe, bishops smashed the pagen institution 
    St Boniface
  25. name givien to the leader of the Jesuit order because of the ethnicty he seems to have. the jesuits largest religious order
    Black Pope
  26. Defender of the Church during the Reformation- known for his edition of the catechism- founded colleges. a great preacher   and sometimes called "Second Apostle of Germany" through him the Catholic reformation was successful in Southern Germany
    St Peter Canisius
  27. Jesuit known for his work among slaves and lepers known for sprituals gifts
    St Peter Claver 
  28. Patron of Church music, married but remained a virgin, took three days to die after she was beheaded
    St Cecilla
  29. Greek preacher moralist of every church. nicknamed golden mouth
    St John chrysotan
  30. known as the defender of divinity of God
    St athanasius of alexandria
  31. complex of underground tombs for the burial of Christians
  32. Christionitin early selt of Britian
    Celtic Church
  33. word used to desiginate the major monotistic communities
  34. question and answer text used for elementary education
    baltimore catechism
  35. theologion, noted apologist of counter reformation
    st robert bellamine 
  36. written parchement and attached to it is silk
    Deal with matters of great importance 
    Capal Bull
  37. Founded order of Slaesians. Hlped boys get education
    St John Bosco
  38. terrority govern by germon kings. "holy" because of its claim to surpremacy over Christendom
    H.R.E- Holy Roman Empire
  39. bishops of his home, beaheaded, defended Church's teaching concering peruity of Christian lives 
    St Cypian of Carthage
  40. Doctor of Church, wrote teaching on trinity, defending teaching of mary mother of God
    St Cyril of Alexandria
  41. possible candidate for pope
  42. Refused to take oath of sucession: Defending claim of Catherine of Aragon and Henry's wife
    Bishop John Fisher
  43. Greatest of fathers, called Doctor of Grace. led unhibitisomething life for 20 years
    St Augustine of hippo
  44. refused the attach of Atilla, gave prestige to the papacy
    Pope Leo I
  45. Reconstruction of civilization during dark ages. helped Chrstistian barbeans
    Pope Gregory I
  46. King of france, founder of france and germany crowned king of holy roman empire
  47. name given to ancient church of rome
  48. process of excommunication
    bell, book, candle
  49. a branch of religious order whos members are laymen and women 
    prayer was to bring religious something into the world
    Third Order 
  50. Theory of the transmigration of souls from one body to another
    held by indians
  51. headress proper to bishop
  52. the holy of the church reserved to the people
  53. all religion, other than those revealed by God in Christ 
  54. people who sat, or stood to preach
  55. time a person is a bishop
  56. Baptized late in life. defended orthody against arainsim
    st hilary of pacters 
  57. major something write of the early church
  58. great archbishop converted English 
    st augustine of cantebruy
  59. the corncern for its relization of greater unity among christian
  60. founder of christian science
    mary baler eddy
  61. for mole sts something were not motory
  62. a religious grocy
    contemplotus order
  63. founder of bendict order
    st benidict of nursid
  64. a welch day liturgical le calendar 
    feral day
  65. period of prayer. began in dicosese of mila
    40 hours of devotion
  66. helped defend the teaching of catholicism and attacked the doctrine of the reformers
    st francis de sole
  67. apostle of east indices
    francis tarver
  68. great theologian inflused apostles
    st ianeuous of lyons
  69. born france, jesuit, worked at quebec
    st isaac jogues
  70. born polland, fransican priest, somethinged by german
    st maximillian kobe
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