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  1. Area of volcanic activity in the Pacific Ocean
    • Ring of Fire
    • Includes the Islands of Japan
  2. The vast plain that extends through the interior of Australia
  3. Japan's highest mountain
    Mount Fiji
  4. Where over 400 species of coral and other ocean life live in Australia
    Great Barrier Reef
  5. A chief general of the Japanese emperor
    • Shogun
    • ToKugaw Leygasa became shogun in 1603
  6. A group of families with a common ancestor
  7. Which of the following describes one of the ways Qin emperor, Shi huangdi strengthened his own power?
    • set up a single system of writing
    • weakened the power of the nobles
    • set up a unified money system
  8. Who was the Mongol ruler who conquered China and established the Yuan Dynasty?
    Kublai Khan
  9. Which dynasty built the Forbidden City?
    Ming Dynasty
  10. Which dynasty took power after the Yuan dynasty?
    Ming dynasty
  11. Who could enter the Forbidden City?
    Only the emperor, his family, and their servants
  12. Describe the Silk Road
    • 4000 miles
    • trade route from China to the Mediterranean Sea
    • Enabled many people to buy goods
  13. What were the dangers of Silk Road?
    • Lack of water
    • extreme heat
    • Sandstorms
    • Blizzards
    • Robbers
  14. Who was Confucius
    A great philosopher and teacher
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